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Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost

At NuFlow Indy, we have perfected trenchless-based repair processes for home and apartment complex owners, as well as business owners, across Indiana.

Our services utilize contemporary technology and equipment to be fast and effective, keeping costs low and ensuring that all of our customer’s needs are met.

Traditional Sewer Repairs Versus Trenchless Methods

In the past, conducting repairs on sewer and drain pipes through digging trenches and removing the faulty pipeline were large undertakings. Taking weeks to complete, traditional repairs were often time-consuming and inconvenient for homeowners. With NuFlow Indy, innovations in technology have allowed our team to move away from these cumbersome steps in favor of better solutions.

How expensive will your repair be?

What Is Trenchless Sewer Pipeline Pipeline Repair?

At NuFlow Indy, our trenchless methods help customers save time and money. Trenchless sewer pipe repairs allow us to restore drain lines, sewer pipes, and water lines without having to tear up your residence or commercial building. Because of this, the process offers many benefits, including:

  • Repairs usually take only a couple of hours

  • Less-intrusive techniques mean saving landscaping, flooring, and walls in homes & businesses

  • Efficient services save our customers time and money

  • Trenchless repairs meet industry standards and are permanent

In order to determine if our trenchless methods are right for fixing a problem, our trained team of experts will be able to diagnose the problem with cameras inserted directly into the sewer system. After this diagnosis is made, we can move forward with our repairs. We recommend our trenchless drain line repair solution to fix various types of problems, including:

  • Underground pipelines, specifically located beneath homes, landscaping, or business buildings

  • Blocked pipes that have burst because of roots or household debris

  • Poorly installed pipes that create sewer backups or frequently leaking drain lines

  • Cracked water pipes caused by ground movement or home restoration

  • Persistent freezing and thawing creating damaged piping

  • Adding larger water lines to the home or business

How Our Trenchless Solutions Fix Problems In Sewer & Drain Lines

All of these problems are addressed and fixed through trenchless-based cleaning and repair techniques. Our diagnostic tools and leak detection equipment are an important part of our decision to effectively fix drain and sewer lines in the area, as the information these inspections reveal will help us determine how to best approach the repairs.

If the pipeline needs to be relined with epoxy resin, we will utilize our cured-in-place pipeline repair techniques. These processes involve inserting epoxy resin-coated liners into the faulty pipes and inflating the liners to allow the epoxy resin to adhere to the inside of the pipe following a thorough cleaning session with hydro jetting. After several hours, the curing process is complete and the epoxy-based liner will act as the new pipe with an expected lifespan of at least 50 years or more.

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