Drain repairs are done based on what the actual problem is. When there are problems underground, the only way to know for sure what is causing it, is to call in someone who specializes in underground repairs. From the outside looking in, there is no way to diagnose a problem that you simply cannot see. An experienced maintenance worker can use the proper tools, to find out the problem and take the needed steps to fix it.

If the drains in a house are no longer working the way they should, this can mean that they may need to be unclogged or that the problem actually lies in the pipes underground. If the homeowner has tried to unclog the drains and it is not working, then it may be time to call a sewer repair professional. An experienced maintenance worker can determine if the problem lies within the home itself or if it is an issue underground. He may use different methods to try to unclog the drains in the home including inserting in a “snake” or he may use a sewer camera to determine what is going on. The sewer camera is a camera that goes into a drain and will allow the worker to see if the problem is moreso local or if it lies deeper. If the problem is local then it can be fixed right at the drain. However, if the problem lies deeper then this can mean the presence of a blockage in the sewer pipe or damage to the actual pipe. Here are some stages of drain repair:

1. Trying to simply unclog the drain.

The homeowner may have tried to unclog the drain themselves but to no avail. The worker will also attempt to try to unclog it just in case the problem is local.

2. Using a sewer camera to visibly see the issue.

There is a monitor that connects to the sewer camera. This screen shows the worker everything the camera is seeing. This is how he will troubleshoot the problem and know whether you are dealing with a blockage or damage to the pipe.

3. Take the proper steps to repair the problem.

Once the issue has been determined as local or underground, the worker can begin to fix it. If it is local, he should be able to unclog the drain above ground but if the problem is within the underground pipes, he will have to do some digging. If he does have to make the repairs underground, he may recommend a trenchless method. Trenchless is a way to fix problems with underground pipes without digging large trenches on the property. There are a few variations of trenchless but they only require one or two access points to be dug. This makes for less damage to your yard or landscape and makes the repairing process a speedier one.

Drain repairs can seem like they will be an expensive process but with the right worker and the trenchless method, you can rest assured that you will have the problem taken care of for the right price and a short amount of time.