If someone mentions sewer pipe repair, the first image in the mind is lots of digging and mess. High costs of reconstructing entire driveways and landscapes. With Nu Flow technology in the picture, you can wipe away that image. Nobody wants the mess, so we have made sewer pipe repair very easy.

How Damaged Sewer Pipes Affect Your Lives

In Residential Buildings

Your damaged sewer pipes can be very messy. The lawn could develop soggy patches which give out an unbearable odor. The basement could smell of damp and its walls discolored with patches of sewer fluid. Then there is the concern of damage to the landscape during repair. No one wants to rebuild their carefully planned patio.

If you’re living in a high rise apartment, you’re probably more conscious of the whole leaking sewer pipe hassle.  Your bathroom floor is someone else’s ceiling. You could find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit if you don’t deal with the situation immediately.

High Rise Office Buildings

High rise buildings housing offices have similar issues to high rise residential apartments but the problem is more acute. With so many people working together in these offices, the use of sewer system is higher. And the care isn’t that great.

Hospitals and Hotels

Since there is always the matter of life and health in a hospital, sewer pipe problems can be devastating to the daily operations. Plumbers need to take extra care when repairing sewer pipes in hospitals.

There should be minimal disturbance to on-going operations. No one wants to see the hospital in the middle of a messy sewage repair. Hospitals would very well loose clients that way. Your perception of the hospital changes drastically when you see a leaking pipe; it’s highly intolerable.

Easy Sewer Pipe Repair Techniques

The above scenarios aren’t very pleasing. However, you can avoid them. Repair your sewer pipes the easy way. Nu Flow’s team of well trained and experienced technicians will make your lives so much easier. You can make use of any of the repair techniques for your sewer pipe problems:

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining.

CIPP lining adds a pipe sleeve into the damaged pipe. Your damaged pipe will be filled with a felt pipe containing Epoxy Resin. Using steam, air, or hot water pressure, a bladder pipe presses the new sleeve onto the damaged pipe wall.

The best part is that your daily operations aren’t affected in the least. The whole process is completed within 4 -24 hours. You don’t even have to compromise on your landscape. The entire repair process is non-destructive and also cost effective.

Pipe Bursting

You can just replace your severely damaged sewer pipe by getting a new one in its place. Here, a pressurized machine blasts the old pipe and immediately replaces it with a new one.

Regardless of the nature of the problem you might be facing, NuFlow, Indy has a solution to all your sewer pipe problems. Feel free to visit your website NuFlow.com to learn more about your sewer pipe problems and repair.  Benefit from the most cost effective and easy repair techniques by NuFlow Technology.