Sewer problems can be messy and take a lot of time to complete. Or at least, that was the way it used to be before trenchless technologies burst onto the scene. With trenchless technology in place, sewer repairs take far less time to complete and are much more efficient and clean. The reasons for these stark distinctions are quite simple, as trenchless methods eliminate the need for excessive digging. The underground pipe remains underground, and a camera is inserted to view what the condition of that pipe is from the inside. Being able to see a pipe from the inside assists in assessing the condition of the pipe as well as locating any problem that are developing in that pipe.

The sewer camera inspection is extremely thorough as it can reveal anything from a leak or crack to clogs and breaks in the pipe. Here at NuFlow Indy, we use modern sewer repair methods to keep your Indianapolis home intact. Once the camera inspection reveals what is going on in your plumbing system, we can then take a look at the options available to you. While trenchless technologies are often referred to as no-dig alternatives, we still need to dig small holes down to the pipe connection locations in order to insert the video camera, but these holes are strategically located and non-invasive. The feed of the video camera is transmitted through a closed-circuit system that only our qualified technicians can view on site. It is through this high quality video that we can properly diagnose the problems underground in your sewer system without having to dig a trench to view the pipe from the outside.

The trenchless solutions we use are determined by the type of repair required. If there is a clog we will use hydro jetting to clear it out, and this process involves sending highly pressurized water down the sewer pipe. If there is a leak or crack, pipe lining may be the best solution. This is where we insert a pliable epoxy-covered sleeve down the inside of the sewer pipe to be repaired. After we apply hot water to the lining a chemical reaction causes the sleeve to harden and become a pipe inside the original pipe. If there is a breakdown in the pipe we may choose to replace it with pipe bursting. Pipe bursting involves pulling a new pipe into place and breaking apart the existing one to make way for the new one.

These are all modern sewer repair methods that leave leave behind next to none property damage and take much less time to complete because of the time saved on avoiding needless digging. Also, they are pipe repairs that will cost you less. Another important consideration with trenchless pipe rehabilitation is that the finished work lasts much longer than traditional dig-and-replace sewer repairs, saving you money in the long run. For more information on how we can repair your sewer problems in Indianapolis, contact us at NuFlow Indy today and we look forward to helping you!