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Vent Stack Lining in Shelbyville, IN

The vent stack in a residential building serves a crucial role in the drainage system of the structure. When it breaks down or is in need of repair, the property can suffer disastrous consequences. At NuFlow Indy, we strive to provide the greater Irvington area with comprehensive and preventative service. If you own a property with a vent stack, we recommend routine maintenance as the most effective preventative measure available in preventing emergencies; however, we also understand that not all disasters can be avoided.

Without a functioning vent stack, water can leak into surrounding infrastructure, resulting in corrosion, flooding, and mold, which is why proper vent stack maintenance is stressed to ensure sanitary, safe conditions. At NuFlow Indy, we offer an innovative solution to keep the vent stack on your property running smoothly. If it’s already too late, we are still able to remediate your vent stack. As specialists in pipe lining, NuFlow Indy is able to provide vent stack lining to our valued customers.


  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
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The Process of Vent Stack Lining At NuFlow Indy

Much like cured-in-place-pipe lining, vent stack lining follows the same principles and is a trenchless repair method that essentially replaces the vent stack from within. It also ensures that the vent stack in your building operates effectively, through the use of superior materials combined with the high-quality workmanship of our NuFlow Indy technicians. As a trenchless method, it cuts down on the time, cost, and hassle associated with traditional repair methods, making it a leading choice for clients and technicians alike.

During vent stack lining, one of our licensed technicians will insert a high-definition camera into the stack to examine the conditions inside. The inspection and repair are both completed through an existing access point. Utilizing the existing access point means there is no need for digging through landscaping or infrastructure on your property. This saves you time and hassle in the long run, as you will not face additional expenses related to property remediation after the repair is complete. If necessary, the stack will be flushed or cleaned to remove debris before beginning the lining process. A fiberglass liner is then inserted with a winch cable through the vent pipes. The end is secured with nylon straps and the liner is inflated and cured with UV light until it hardens. After the liner has hardened into place, the installation equipment is removed and the new vent stack is ready to service the building.


  • Long Term Financing Available

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You deserve the utmost service and workmanship delivered by highly-specialized technicians, which is why making NuFlow Indy your choice for vent stack lining is a wise choice. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the most innovative and effective solutions on the market is apparent in our stellar work. To schedule a vent stack inspection or repair, call us at 317-777-6489. We will send a licensed, experienced, and skilled technician to your property as soon as possible to discuss options and quotes.

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