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Vent Stack Lining in Anderson

All of the pipes in a home move wastewater away from tubs, sinks, and appliances down to the bottom of the building before converging and transporting the water to the main sewer line. In addition to the main sewer line, the pipes also connect to a network of ventilation pipes. The ventilation pipes, or vent stacks, allow gases to be expelled up and out above the roofline of the house. This vent stack network prevents sewer line gases from drifting out of the drains and into your home.

At Nu Flow Indy, our expert staff is ready to solve any of your vent stack issues. Whether the vent stack is clogged or cracked, our team will be able to fix it. After you schedule a consultation, our experienced technician will consult with you to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing. A camera inspection will be used to check the vent stacks for any blocking debris. Since the top of the stacks open to the air above the roofline, it is possible that leaves, pine needles, or other organic material have fallen into and clogged the pipe. Our technician will snake a thin optic cable attached to a small camera down through the pipe to identify any issues.


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  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
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If the vent stack needs to be lined, the pipe needs to be cleaned first so the liner can be installed smoothly. With our hydro jetting equipment, we are able to clean the pipes with ease using only a water pump, a long, flexible hose, and a jetting water nozzle. The apparatus is fed down into the vent stack and the pump is turned on, blasting the water through the hose. The water is forceful enough to break up any blockage and rinse it down the vent stack, through the indoor pipe system, and further down into the main sewer line beneath the house. From there, gravity continues to tug the water and fragmented blockage all the way out to the public sewer line.

For our lining solution, we place a resin coated sleeve and an air bladder down inside the vent stack. The air bladder is inflated and the resin is pressed against the interior wall of the vent stack. The curing and hardening process only requires a few hours, and then the sleeve and air bladder are removed and the pipe repairs are complete. Pipe coating uses the same resin material but applies it using a sprayer head. A hose attached to a pump is connected with a sprayer head. The hose and nozzle are lowered down to the end of the vent stack. As the hose is retracted, the nozzle sprays the pumped resin onto the interior wall of the pipe. This form of resin only requires seconds to dry and harden. Both the pipe lining and the pipe coating leave your vent stack in place with a new interior wall that is expected to extend the lifespan of the vent stack for many years.


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