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How Does Sewer Repair Work?

Nu Flow Indy now offers Noblesville a groundbreaking and state of the art technique in sewer repair. This new method is far quicker than the traditional process of repair and is vastly more efficient. Instead of needing several days to a week in order to accomplish the task, Nu Flow Indy’s trenchless sewer repair typically doesn’t need more than a day. That also means that your water doesn’t need to be shut off for an extended period of time, nor do you need to take extra time off of work.

This trenchless repair is also less costly. The old method required construction, backhoes, blueprints of your home and yard, and all of these come with a higher price to account for it. Then came the price of the extra tools to pull out the old pipe and install the new one. And once the process is all finished, you’d be left with the cost of cleaning your yard and budgeting for landscaping, not to mention any damage that is done to the interior of your home. This old method is incredibly expensive and requires a great deal of time. Thankfully, our new trenchless method cuts these inconveniences out. Without the need for construction equipment and days of paid work, your expenses drop considerably.


  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked

And instead of putting trenches in your home or yard, small points that are roughly three feet in size are created. This allows the technician to have access to your pipe, but without causing unnecessary damage to your yard. It is just the right size of the equipment to be inserted and utilized.

The trenchless sewer repair process begins with a video inspection of the pipe. This is done with the aid of a portable video screen and a camera mounted on flexible cables. The equipment allows for the technician to view the problem while on site, which gives them the ability to diagnose or adjust the solution while at your home.


  • Long Term Financing Available

Once the inspection is concluded, the technician can move onto cleaning the pipe. This is done with our hydro jetting and it easily blasts away any potential clogs and removes debris. This helps restore your water flow to its original power, but also creates a smooth surface for our epoxy resin. The resin is the backbone for the repair. It is applied onto an inflatable sleeve, and this sleeve is inserted into the pipe. Once inflated, the sleeve presses the epoxy against the interior so that the resin is smoothed over the affected areas. It also helps the epoxy resin keep to the shape of the pipe. Then, over a period of twenty-four hours, the resin cures and hardens into a new pipe wall. The sleeve can be removed and the pipe is fully functional. There is no need to remove the original pipe.

This trenchless method can increase the lifespan of your pipe by nearly fifty years and does so without ruining a budget. It’s reliable and affordable and is performed by a team of professionals who respect your home.

So if you’d like to schedule an appointment or speak to one of our friendly technicians, please give us a call at 317-777-6489!

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