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Trenchless Sewer Repair In Muncie, IN

There is some good news to share with property owners in the Muncie, Indiana area that are currently experiencing problems with their sewer system. The news will also help people that own residential, commercial, or industrial buildings that are over forty years old and will need extensive sewer repairs in the near future. Trenchless sewer repair, particularly the Nu Flow pipe lining system by Nu Flow Technologies will save you from the hassles, and expense of the traditional sewer repair method.

Up until approximately fifteen years ago the only way that a plumbing contractor could make major repairs to the sewer pipes was to dig a large trench along the length of the sewer pipeline. Once the sewer pipes are fully exposed the necessary repairs can be made. After the repair work is complete the plumbing contractor simply fills the trench back in with dirt and moves on to the next job. The property owner is left with a scar through their yard, driveway, walkway, sidewalk, patio, parking lot, or wherever else the sewer pipeline runs under.


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The plumbing contractor is not responsible for repairing the destruction that the trench causes to the landscaping and or hardscaping. It is up to the property owner to either hire additional contractors to fix the damage or to do the work themselves. When all is said and done it can take multiple weeks or even longer for your home, place of business, or investment property to get back to normal. Traditional sewer repair is time-consuming, extremely expensive, and unnecessary.

On the other hand, Nu Drain pipe lining can be installed in as little as one day, lasts for well over fifty years, and is approximately fifty-percent more cost-effective than the traditional excavation method. It does not require the excavation of a large and destructive trench through your landscaping and hardscaping in order to reach the sewer pipeline for repairs. Instead, the process requires a small access point at one end of the sewer pipes. A high-tech machine, developed by Nu Flow Technologies incorporates the use of the small access point to install a tube into the sewer pipeline.


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The tube includes a bladder that is inflatable by air, and a felt outer cover that is saturated in a specially formulated wet epoxy resin. Once the tube is fully installed the air bladder is inflated allowing for the epoxy resin to completely coat the interior surfaces of the sewer pipeline. When the epoxy resin hardens or cures in place the bladder is deflated and the tube is removed. What is left behind is an impenetrable pipe liner that in essence is a brand new pipe within the old one.

Nu Flow Technologies began at the very beginning of the trenchless sewer repair industry. In fact, our company helped pioneer the technology that is still used to this very day. We have been around a long time and seen it all. That is exactly why we can confidently say that our company is the best in the business. We are here for you every step of the way, from the estimate to the completion of the job and beyond.

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