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Trenchless Pipe Lining In Bloomington, IN

Pipes that carry wastewater from your home and send it to the city’s sewer can fail if they are not regularly maintained. Problems with the sewer line are more frequent in older pipes, which are common in homes across Bloomington.

Several decades ago it was common to use pipes made from clay in the sewer line, and many homes still have them buried underneath their lawn and driveways. These clay pipes were easy to manufacture and quite reliable when they were new, but as time passes they can cause lots of trouble. Clay pipes are heavy, and as the ground shifts and moves over an extended period of time they can sink, loosening the joints and creating gaps between them. They also become brittle and can easily crack or break, leaking sewage into the ground.


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But the main problem with these pipes are tree roots. As they search for any source of moisture, when they reach the sewer pipes they find their way in and what were initially hair-like roots grow and develop into much larger ones, clogging the pipe and sending the sewage and waste back into the house. These roots can cause stress on the pipe, cracking or breaking it as they grow.

If you’ve noticed the drains and toilets in your home flushing slowly, or a rotten smell outside, your sewer pipes might be clogged or cracked and getting them fixed as soon as possible can prevent further damage. Back in the old days this was done by excavating trenches until the sewer line could be reached. It was a messy and expensive process, and could take many days to complete.


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As plumbing technology evolved, a new method was invented which eliminated most of the digging and made it possible to repair the sewer from the inside. Trenchless pipe lining in Bloomington, Indiana is our specialty, and our staff is highly-trained in it.

First of all, a video camera will be inserted into the drains to evaluate the sewer line condition. Any cracks, broken pieces, and clogs can be inspected in real time and their location is recorded. This eliminates any guesswork and shows us exactly what needs to be fixed.

Then we use high-pressure hoses to flush away all the sludge and debris and to get rid of tree roots and any other obstruction, leaving the pipes ready for the lining. After cleaning the pipes, a felt liner is pushed into them until it reaches the problematic area. It is coated with an epoxy formula that cures and hardens after a few hours, turning into a solid tube that covers cracks and stops any more wastewater from leaking out. This is a long-lasting solution that will keep the water flowing for several decades. As a final precaution, we will do another video inspection to make sure that the lining repair has completely resolved the problem.

The next time you have any problems with your sewer and need a repair in the Bloomington area, give us a call and ask about our services. No problem is too big or too small for us, and our team of professionals is ready to help you out with all your plumbing needs.

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