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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Muncie, IN

Pipe lining is an innovative trenchless pipe repair method available across the industry for our customers in Muncie. At Nu Flow Indy, all of our trenchless repairs are minimally invasive and save us time from needing to dig trenches and instead spend the time correctly diagnosing and repairing the faulty pipeline as needed.


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In the past, homeowners often delayed having their pipes repaired or replaced, and for many, the thought of their carefully tended gardens and lawns being trampled—resulting in collateral damage that increased the costs of the repairs—made the process justifiably far from desirable. Today, the prospect of sewer pipe repair is much easier and more convenient for homeowners across Muncie. Our CIPP lining repair method requires no digging or trenching of landscaping and driveways, allowing us to complete the job within a few hours and without the bulky machinery sitting in your yard or a large work crew. Budgets do not have to plan for hardscape and landscape repairs after the sewer line is repaired.

The process of sewer lining begins with our diagnostic tools. At Nu Flow Indy, our technicians are trained to start a job with our sewer camera inspections to view the state of your sewer pipeline. This inspection is the most cost-effective, rapid, and precise way of determining and pinpointing a problem within the pipeline. Our experienced technician will insert the waterproof, robotic camera and its optic cable into the pipeline from an existing entry point such as a drain or an outside access point. The camera is capable of being remotely driven through the entire pipeline, including the pipes along the building to the curbside municipal sewer connection. The camera captures a full 360-degree view of the pipelines interior wall, as it travels from one pipeline end to the other. The information is relayed back to the surface through the optic cable, where our technicians view the video, diagnoses the issue, and discusses our findings with our customers before recommending the proper repair method.


  • Long Term Financing Available

When a crack is identified by the camera inspection, the next step is to prepare the original pipe interior wall for the pipe lining repair. All corrosion must be removed from the pipe wall, and since corrosion builds up inside a pipe over time and creates a rough interior surface, we need to be sure it’s eliminated so that our epoxy resin can bond with a clean, smooth surface. To achieve this, we employ hydro jetting as the primary cleaning method. Our equipment allows us to blast debris and materials out of the pipe with high-pressure water. Once the inside of the pipe is restored to its original diameter, our pipe lining process can begin.

The pipe lining process consists of inserting a liner coated with a resin into the pipe. This liner is inflated, pressing the resin coating firmly against the interior wall of the pipe. This liner stays inflated for a few hours, allowing the resin to harden. Once the liner is removed, a new, durable pipe wall remains and the repair is complete. Our experienced and dedicated team is proud the serve the Muncie area. Nu Flow Indy is available and on call to provide you with any trenchless drain repair needs.

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