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Trenchless Pipe Relining In Indianapolis, IN

Trenchless pipe relining offers property owners in Indianapolis, Indiana amazing benefits when compared to the traditional sewer repair method. This technologically advanced process saves you money, time, and stress. When the sewer pipeline fails at your residential, commercial, or industrial property, you need a fast yet economical solution to fix the problem.

Messy Traditional Sewer Pipe Repairing

The traditional way to fix damaged pipes involves excavating which is as messy as the sewage backup itself. When plumbing contractors repair or replace the sewer pipeline with the conventional method, it requires that they first locate the source of the problem. The grounds must then be trenched/excavated, the broken section of the pipe replaced, and then the trench must be filled back in with dirt. This is why it takes so long to complete the process.


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Heavy-duty equipment is needed to dig up the broken sewer pipeline, replace it, and then cover it back up. In most cases, the process requires the plumbing contractor to ruin large sections of your driveway or parking lot, landscaping, and lawn. In essence, all landscaping and hardscaping that is located above the buried sewer pipeline must be removed, disturbed, and even destroyed. Moreover, this whole process takes days to complete, which means you will not have water or sewer service while the repair is underway. That means anyone that living in or working at the property cannot use the bathroom, faucets, or any appliances that are water based.

Once that job is complete the property owner is responsible for fixing the landscaping and hardscaping. That not only costs more money, it also takes more time. Unless you know how to landscape and pave, additional contractors must be called in. You must then rely on their schedules and time frames.


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Trenchless Pipe Relining in Indianapolis, IN

The good news is that the trenchless pipe relining method works a lot differently. Instead of digging long trenches, we only need a small access point. The interior surfaces of the broken sewer pipeline are lined with a specially formulated epoxy liquid that hardens to become a new pipe. Once the interior surface areas of the old pipeline are completely coated, the epoxy material cures in place. Within a few short hours, it hardens into a fully functional sewer pipe that is located within the old one. This is by far the most non-invasive sewer pipe repair process available.

Most trenchless pipe relining jobs can be completed in as little as a day. Having the work done quickly is the best way to avoid stress, and get everyone back to their normal routine as quickly as possible. Equally important, the high-tech trenchless process is approximately half the price of the traditional method.

If you are dealing with a leaking sewer pipeline problem at your residential, commercial, or industrial property, please contact Nu Flow Indy at (317) 777-6489. We have specialized in trenchless pipe relining for more than 20 years. You will love how fast, and convenient it is for you.

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