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Storm Drain Repair in Anderson, IN

Storm drains are built into the facade of the building and are designed to efficiently carry rainfall and melted snow away from the rooftops of buildings. They play an important role in the functionality of the pipes in homes, as well as keeping the infrastructure of buildings safe from water damage. When a leak occurs within the storm drainpipe system that is built into a building, it can be harmful to other systems in the wall, such as the electrical wiring. Because of this, at Nu Flow Indy, we are devoted to keeping your storms reliable for many years with our simple and effective repair methods.

When you call us on the suspicion of a leaking or clogged storm drain, we will meet with you, discuss your concerns, and begin our investigation with a video inspection. Our experienced technician will lower a video camera attached to an optic cable down through the storm drain in question. The video feedback will identify any blockages or collections of corrosion that need cleaning prior to any identified cracks being repaired.


  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked

If a clog is found, Nu Flow Indy will utilize a hydro jetting method for removing it in a safe and quick way. This method uses a high-pressure water pump connected to a flexible hose and a water jetting head that forcefully scours the inside of the storm pipe down to a clean surface. This same method for removing clogs is also applied to clean any corrosion or waste buildup inside of the drain system, allowing more cracks to be revealed and preparing the pipeline for the next step in our repair process.

The final step in our storm drain repair method is to create a storm drain liner. This process creates a pipe within the old pipe. A liner infused with a durable epoxy resin is inserted into the pipe, and the proper placement of the liner is confirmed through another video camera inspection. The liner is then inflated, forcing the epoxy resin to be pressed against the interior of the pipe and cover cracks and leaks as needed. The resin is given several hours to cure and harden into the resilient new pipe. Once the process is finished, the result is an impenetrable wall that will last for many years, effectively moving water through the system and resisting the effects of corrosion or clog formations. Our installation is confirmed with a final inspection to ensure that it is done properly so that recent repairs won’t be needed.


  • Long Term Financing Available

With our trenchless storm drain repair methods, we are even able to line the entire length of the storm drains on your property within a few days if requested. This process is much more cost-efficient that replacing your total complex of drain pipes with new pipes because we leave all of the pipes in place. After the storm drain lining repair is performed, your building’s storm drains will be protected for years to come.

Nu Flow Indy is proud to serve the Anderson area. Our dedicated and expert staff is ready to help you with your storm drain preservation needs.

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