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For many residential, commercial, and industrial real estate owners in Muncie, Indiana sewer repairs happen to be one of the most invasive, time consuming, and costly property related repairs imaginable. Just the thought of having a large and destructive trench dug in the middle of your yard, driveway, walkway, patio, or parking lot is enough to make some people hit the panic button. Once the reality of the situation actually begins to set in you start to realize that this repair job is going to seriously drain your bank account.

The good news is that there is an alternative sewer repair method that incorporates the use of advances in technology as opposed to excavation or digging up the ground with large construction machines. Trenchless sewer repair was invented approximately fifteen years ago and perfected in more recent times by the Nu Flow pipe lining procedure by Nu Flow Technologies. For many years the only way to reach the sewer pipeline for repairs was to dig or excavate a large trench. In fact, many plumbing contractors still use this outdated sewer repair method to this day.


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The trench typically runs the entire length of the sewer pipeline and goes as deep as the sewer pipes are buried, which is a minimum of two to three feet below ground level. Since the sewer pipeline can run for hundreds of feet we are talking about an enormously large hole in the ground. Once the plumbing contractor finishes digging the trench they are able to physically see the sewer pipeline in order to make the repairs. After the sewer pipes are fixed the trench is filled back in with dirt.

Any landscaping and or hardscaping that the trench destroyed must be replaced. The Nu Flow trenchless sewer repair approach does not require any major excavation. Only a small access point at one end of the sewer pipeline is needed. A technologically advanced machine developed by Nu Flow Technologies uses the access point to install a tube into the existing sewer pipeline. The tube is covered in a wet epoxy resin. There is also an air bladder that runs through the tube.

Once in place the bladder is inflated, which allows for the epoxy resin to completely coat the interior surfaces of the existing sewer pipes. The tube is then deflated and removed. The epoxy resin cures in place to form a hard liner that in essence is a brand new pipe within the old one. Any chips, cracks, small broken spots, rot, and structural damage to the existing sewer pipeline are instantly fixed with the presence of the new pipe liner. It also prevents any further damage from occurring.


  • Long Term Financing Available

The Nu Drain pipe liner will last for well over fifty years. The installation process is actually guaranteed for ten years. The entire installation procedure takes as little as one day to complete from start to finish. As a comparison the traditional excavation process can take multiple weeks to bring to a close, plus however long it takes to repair or replace the landscaping and hardscaping that the trench annihilated. Perhaps the best aspect of trenchless sewer repair is that it is approximately fifty-percent more cost effective than the traditional excavation method.

Please contact Nu Flow Technologies for a free trenchless sewer repair estimate. We are also here to answer any questions about the process that you may have. At Nu Flow it is all about helping you get through a tough situation in the best way possible.

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