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Sewer Repair In Fort Wayne, IN

Sewer repair certainly is not one of those topics that people discuss around the dinner table, while at cocktail parties, or watching the ballgame with a buddy. In fact most property owners do not give their sewer system as much as a second thought unless the obvious signs of trouble start to appear.

Although it may be human nature, hitting the panic button is the worst thing that you can do. However, if you are properly prepared ahead of time then it may very well save you thousands of dollars, and a whole bunch of unnecessary stress and aggravation. Much like anything else in life it is all about how you handle the situation. We have created this guide to sewer repair in Fort Wayne, Indiana in order to provide you with the information that is needed to make a rational decision when a sewer related crisis strikes.


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It is not a matter of if the sewer system at your residential, commercial, or industrial real estate will fail, but when. Property owners that are well prepared ahead of time are likely to save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, let alone vastly shorten the time frame it takes for the plumbing contractor to make the repairs. If you end up hiring a company that relies on the age-old excavation method than the process can take multiple weeks to complete.

It also destroys your landscaping and hardscaping because the plumbing contractor must excavate a large trench along the length of the sewer pipeline in order to access it for repair. However, if you hire a forward-thinking plumbing contractor, like Nu Flow Technologies they will rely on technology as opposed to excavation. The trenchless sewer repair pipe lining procedure does not require a large and destructive trench. For example, the Nu Drain procedure by Nu Flow Technologies incorporates the use of a small access point at one end of the sewer pipeline.


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A technologically advanced machine uses the access point to push a felt liner that is soaked in a specially formulated epoxy resin solution through the sewer pipeline. Once it is set in place the bladder is inflated with air and left there until the epoxy resin hardens. Once the liner is cured in place the bladder is removed. At this point, a brand new pipe is formed within the existing sewer pipeline.

The new pipe is designed in a manner that it will not break, chip, crack, rot, or rust. In fact, it will last for a minimum of fifty years. The Nu Drain trenchless sewer repair pipe lining process is approximately fifty percent more cost effective than the traditional excavation method. This technologically advanced procedure also takes as little as one day to complete from start to finish. The choice is obvious.

Our company is proud to serve the good people of Fort Wayne, IN. Nu Flow Technologies strives to deliver the highest quality service at affordable prices. We look forward to helping you with all of your sewer needs.

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