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In this day and age the amount of choices that consumers have in practically anything we purchase is absolutely mind-boggling. Until recently, there was only one choice when it came to sewer repair in Evansville, Indiana and surrounding areas. When a plumbing company incorporates the use of the traditional excavation method they must dig a large trench along the sewer pipeline in order to access it for repair. The trench destroys any and all landscaping and hardscaping that is located in the area where the excavation is taking place.

In essence, your lawn, favorite tree, flowerbed, driveway, walkway, patio, and or parking lot is literally demolished in the sewer repair process. In can be multiple weeks by the time the trench is excavated, the repair to the sewer pipeline is performed, and the trench is filled back in. Not to mention the additional time and expense to have the landscaping and hardscaping replaced. When all is said and done your property will eventually have a functioning sewer system, however, you will suffer from unnecessary stress and aggravation until the process is complete.


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The bad news is many plumbing contractors still incorporate the use of this outdated sewer repair method. The good news is that you have a choice whether to hire them or not. Trenchless sewer repair has been available for approximately fifteen years. The process was further developed by Nu Flow Technologies in the form of the Nu Drain pipelining procedure.

Forward thinking plumbing contractors that partake in this technologically advanced approach do not need to excavate a large, time consuming, and destructive trench in order to access the sewer pipes for repair.


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Only a small access point at one end of the sewer pipeline is required. A high-tech machine installs a tube through the access point into the sewer pipeline. The tube is covered with a felt lining that is saturated with a wet epoxy resin. The tube also contains an air bladder. When the bladder is inflated the wet epoxy resin completely covers all interior surfaces of the existing sewer pipeline. The bladder is then deflated and the tube is removed. Within a few short hours, the wet epoxy resins completely hardens.

From a more technical standpoint the wet epoxy resin cures in place. At this point, it has formed into a brand new impenetrable sewer pipe that is located within the old one. Any chips, cracks, small breaks, holes, rotten spots, and leaks within the existing sewer pipes are immediately and permanently repaired. The new epoxy resin Nu Drain sewer pipeline will last for a minimum of fifty years. The installation process is guaranteed for an industry leading ten years. The entire process takes as little as one day to complete from start to finish. Nu Drain trenchless pipe lining is approximately fifty percent more cost effective as well.

Nu Flow Technologies is a sewer repair expert. We have been incorporating the use of technology in the process since our company began back in 1998. We look forward to working with you.

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