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Sewer Repair In Anderson, IN

Traditional sewer repair methods are associated with weeks of labor crews digging massive trenches on your property and causing you to be displaced from your home until after the job is completed. The work is extensive and tedious, but the work doesn’t stop there, as the trenches left behind are left for the homeowners to restore by hiring a landscaping crew, adding to the costs of an already long process.

At NuFlow Indy, we are proud to present a better alternative for sewer repair methods. Our no-dig technology allows us to restore sewer lines without digging trenches, maintaining your landscape with eco-friendly processes. As a result, our sewer repair methods are quicker and safer for residential and commercial properties, and in just a few hours, you’ll have a new pipe installed within the structure of the old pipe.


  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked

To ensure that our sewer repairs go smoothly, we first conduct a sewer camera inspection. We employ the use of a high-quality, CCTV camera and fiber optic line and insert it into your sewer lines, navigating it effortlessly through the entirety of your sewer system. The live feed streams to a compatible viewing monitor for our technicians to review. Difficult areas to reach can be accessed in a matter of minutes, giving our technicians a clear visual of the condition of your sewer lines as a whole. If there’s a significant blockage through root intrusion or calcified debris, or if there are cracks and holes that need to be fixed, we’ll make notes of the immediate problems that need to be addressed and provide you with the necessary information and recommendations for fixing these issues.

After the process is finished, we will clean debris and mineral deposits out of the sewer line with our modern hydro jetting equipment. A hose with a special nozzle attached is inserted into the pipeline, blasting water into the pipes at high-pressure speed and force. The pressure of the water disintegrates the debris, sludge, and grease that are trapped along the walls of the pipe, restoring the original diameter of the pipe. Our technicians use hydro-jetting before the pipe repairs take place to ensure that the epoxy resin sticks to the existing pipe structure properly.


  • Long Term Financing Available

Trenchless pipe repair is a non-invasive, fast, and efficient way to bring your sewer line up to speed. We will not tear up your yard, front lawn or garden, or destroy your walls and flooring to get to the ailing pipe. Our recommended trenchless pipe lining process can fix root intrusions, blockages, and pipe leaks without these invasive steps. The cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe uses a special epoxy resin to form a new, durable pipe in the existing structure. This technology can be used in a wide variety of pipe materials and building types, and we just need access to one small point to clean and dry out the pipe, then insert the liner to the sewer. Once the resin has cured, you’ll be the proud owner of a seamless, jointless pipe that’s highly resistant to root intrusion, calcification, and cracking with new pipe expected to work efficiently for fifty years or more.

We alleviate any emergency service interruptions in your home or business through our quick sewer repair services. Call NuFlow Indy and see how we can fix your sewer pipes using the best processes available in the industry.

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