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Sewer pipe repair work in Noblesville, IN

How Does Sewer Pipe Repair Work?

When it comes to broken, aged, or leaking sewer pipes, NuFlow Indy has the solutions for Noblesville. Over time, pipes can corrode and weaken from high water pressure and extensive use. Tree roots can seek out your sewer pipes as a source of water, and this can create cracks and leaks into the pipe. If these are left untreated or unnoticed, it could result in serious damage later on.

Trenchless Versus Traditional Solutions For Fixing Drain Pipes

Thankfully, NuFlow Indy has solutions that can both patch fix, or entirely replace the desired pipe. These methods are performed by our professionals, who take pride in providing you with timely and quality work. Our lining and repair methods generally need only twenty-four hours and a small crew, and both of these solutions are also trenchless.


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  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked

Unlike the traditional method of repair pipes, our trenchless procedures may not require the removal of sections of your landscape or interior parts of your home. Instead, the work is done from the inside of the pipe via small access points. Our technicians create these access points with care, and they are generally no larger than three feet. This leaves little to no clean up once the repair is done, no mounds of dirt or damaged floor boards left for you to deal with.

How Our Sewer Pipe & Drain Line Repairs Work

These lining and repair methods also start with a video inspection of the pipe so that our technicians can confirm and evaluate the problem. This is done easily on site, which enables them to alert you immediately if there is a bigger issue and helps them modify the solution.

If the sewer pipe is weakened in one area or is experiencing small cracks and leaks while the rest of it is strong and healthy,pipelining

is generally the solution. Instead of replacing the entire length of pipe, it is similar to a spot fix. An inflatable sleeve inserted into the pipe via the access point. This sleeve is coated with an epoxy resin. Once inflated, this resin is pressed against the damaged area. The pressure helps the epoxy fill in the cracks but also ensures that the application is smooth and even. After roughly twenty-four hours the epoxy cures and hardens, the sleeve is removed, and the pipe is ready for use.

However, if the technician finds that the pipe is too damaged, the trenchless sewer repair method will probably be the more effective solution. It’s very similar to the pipelining process. The sleeve inserted and inflated, and then the epoxy resin needs to cure for about twenty-four hours. This creates a protective liner in between the old pipe and the water. It’s just as hard and sturdy as the original pipe, and because it adheres to the walls of the original, the old pipe does not need to be removed. Once the sleeve is removed, the pipe is functional and there is no need to reattach it to the sewer system.


  • Long Term Financing Available

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Pipelining and trenchless sewer repair are quick, smooth processes that require considerably less digging than the traditional method. It’s an easy fix for a potentially large problem and requires little time and stress on your behalf. If you’d like to make an appointment or speak to a technician, please give us a call today!

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