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Sewer Camera Inspection in Noblesville, IN

How Useful Is Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer lines and pipe are the backbones of your home and water system. Without them functioning properly, wastewater has no place to go except back into your home. This could cause a range of not just construction problems, but also health hazards. Thankfully, NuFlow Indy has a simple solution to help residents of Noblesville to identify sewer pipe problems before they even become a problem.

Small problems happen over time and it is unavoidable. Weakened areas can be caused by corrosion, clogs by typical home products, and small cracks from general use. However, if these problems are left without treatment, they could quickly escalate into larger and more expensive issues. Weakened areas could develop big cracks and may even burst altogether. This can result in terrible water damage to your home and could require thousands of dollars in repair.


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So to help prevent these expensive difficulties, NuFlow Indy offers a sewer camera inspection service. This allows the technician to see the interior of the pipe without having to dig trenches in your yard or home. Instead, a small camera is mounted on several feet of flexible cord, and it is inserted through an existing access point. If an existing access point isn’t available, a small one can be carefully dug by our technician. The waterproof cords allow the camera to travel the length of the pipe and can help it maneuver around bends or slight angles.

The technician is then able to view the video feed via a portable tv screen. The camera is high definition and this can allow weakened or corroded areas to be found, as well as small cracks. All of this can be recorded and identified by the technician while they are on site. The camera equipment can also be adjusted depending on the diameter of the pipe.


  • Long Term Financing Available

This is a procedure that is beneficial for many reasons. It can also be completed in a short timeframe, about an hour, and is very affordable. Having this service scheduled for regular home maintenance can help you stay ahead of possible problems, but can also help you keep track of small inconveniences that could turn into a larger issue. Additionally, when purchasing a new home, having this service done can help prevent you from buying a home that could need the extra care that you weren’t planning on. Whether an old or new home, have the inspection performed can give you the peace of mind that the house is functional, or it can give you a negotiation tool if you are still interested in purchasing the home.

Problems within the sewer line are unavoidable, so being pre-emptive is the best way to keep your home safe and functional. This video inspection is easy and simple compared to the process of repairs that could be avoided.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to have your sewer inspected, please give us a call at 317-777-6498! Our friendly and professional staff would be happy to help you!

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