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Sewer Camera Inspection In Carmel, IN

At NuFlow Indy, we understand that clogs can occur for many reasons and every pipe problem may require a different solution. In order to know exactly what is needed and to make sure you are not paying more money than is absolutely necessary, a sewer camera inspection will be done. Camera inspections show our technicians what is wrong and how to fix it, allowing us to determine whether you need trenchless pipe lining to restore the pipe or a complete pipe replacement. The difference between the costs of these processes is significant, and by having a sewer camera inspection of the pipe done first, we make sure we will never overcharge you and that you will never be paying for something that is not what is best for you and your home or business.


  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked

Before we conduct a sewer camera inspection, the pipes are cleaned to ensure that we get a clear, holistic view of the condition and quality of your pipes, in addition to making it easier for us to identify problems such as cracks and leaks in the pipe. Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are mounted on crawlers and taken through the pipes so our professionals above ground can see what is happening inside the pipe through a monitor. The fiber optic cables connect to a monitor in the control room for a live video stream through the CCTV that is guided through the pipeline. Modern innovations in video inspection allows for cameras that can even pan and tilt to inspect the pipe connections and damages in detail. We have the technology for any situation, and we are happy to bring the best solution directly to you in the most hassle-free and convenient way possible.


  • Long Term Financing Available

If our inspection reveals problems that can be resolved with trenchless pipe lining, this is ideal as the process typically takes less than a day and doesn’t involve any digging. Through a simple camera inspection, your life and sewage solutions are made simple and easy. Even if you do not have a specific problem plaguing your pipes when we perform an inspection, our cameras can help us pinpoint other issues that would be more difficult to notice at first but may cause problems in the near future if left ignored. Because of this, our sewer camera inspections are popular for periodic cleaning and inspecting the condition of a sewer system before purchasing a new home. This advanced process is practical in non-emergency situations, ensuring that problems don’t develop into tragic and highly expensive ordeals for unexpecting homeowners.

Any reputable plumbing company should be doing sewer camera inspections. They are the only way to ensure the technicians can give you only what is absolutely necessary. At NuFlow Indy, we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality possible at the most affordable price. We want to make this a stress free experience, and along with our friendly customer based mindset, we are the best choice for all of your sewer and pipe camera inspection needs.

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