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Sewer Camera Inspection In Bloomington, IN

When did you last inspect the drain pipes and sewer line in your Bloomington, Indiana home? It is very important to inspect your drain pipes and sewer line regularly. This will make it possible for you to detect any current or potential issue with your plumbing system. However, if you fail to do this, you are only putting your residential or commercial building at Bloomington, Indiana at risk.

Sooner or later, your sewer line will become damaged. This can cause thousands of wastewater or sewer to spill all over the community. A sewer spill incident was reported in the Bloomington, Indiana community a few months ago. Thousands of gallons of sewage ended up spilling into a nearby creek.


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Bad Effect of Sewage or Wastewater Spill

When sewer line issues occur, your home and its residents are put in jeopardy. The spill can damage the foundation of your property. Bad odor starts coming out of the entire home. Your basement becomes waterlogged. Your floors and furniture might also be damaged. Your health will also be put at risk as you can contact various diseases from an environmental pollution like this. On the other hand, sewer inspection offers you a good way to prevent against all the bad effects mentioned above.

The Solution – Sewer Camera Inspection

In order to guard against emergency sewer issues, inspecting your sewer regular become a no-brainer. Any sludge, debris, food particles, foreign body, grease, hair, etc. causing clogs can be detected and removed. You can inspect your sewer using the innovation sewer camera inspection technique.


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Sewer camera inspection is an innovative technology that makes it possible to inspect the interior part of your sewer line without having to bring out your sewer or drain pipes. Here, a waterproof camera is attached to a flexible rod and sent down into your sewer line.

The waterproof camera takes and sends back live images and video footage of the internal section of your sewer line. The video footage will be displayed using a laptop or tablet, which is then reviewed by the plumbing/sewer expert. Once the source of the issue has been evaluated, and the extent of the damage determined, a suitable fix can be carried out.

Sewer camera inspection has helped to eliminate any need to dig up trenches or break walls just to inspect your sewer line. The sewer camera inspection technology offers lots of benefits ranging from time-saving to cost-saving, a high degree of accuracy, and so on.

Choose Us for your Sewer Camera Inspection in Bloomington, Indiana

For the regular professional sewer camera inspection of the sewer line or drain pipes in your Bloomington, Indiana home, you can always count on Nu Flow of Indy to get the job done. We are an expert sewer inspection and plumbing company with several years of industry experience.

We have all the needed resources, technological equipment, and technical expertise to offer you outstanding Sewer Camera Inspectionservices. Aside from that, we also offer drain cleaning, sewer repair, trenchless sewer repair, and general plumbing services. All our services are carried out with a high level of professionalism.

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Will you like to get your sewer line inspected? Do not wait until the sewer line or drain pipes in your Bloomington, Indiana homes becomes faulty. Contact us today at Nu Flow of Indy to get your sewer line inspected.

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