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Sewer Camera Inspection In Fort Wayne, IN

Thanks to recent technology it is now possible to inspect the sewer system at your residential, commercial, and or industrial property without having to gain physical access to the sewer pipeline in order to do so. As a matter of fact, a technologically advanced plumbing contractor, like Nu Flow Technologies has the ability and equipment that is needed to perform a sewer camera inspection in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The non-invasive procedure is accomplished by using a tiny waterproof camera that is attached to the end of a flexible rod.

The rod is inserted into the sewer system through an access point, such as a drain cleanout. In essence, the camera is snaked through the sewer pipeline. The rod is flexible enough that it can make all turns and corners within the network of sewer pipes. As the camera is being fed through the sewer pipeline it acts as a set of eyes that sees exactly what is happening inside of the pipes. For example, if tree roots have invaded the sewer pipeline causing clogs than the camera is able to detect the exact location or locations of the blockage.


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This enables the plumbing contractor to incorporate the use of pneumatic tools, or a hydro-jetting machine to remove the clog or clogs before it becomes a major problem. The video images are relayed back to the plumbing technician in real time. The advanced video technology streams on a live feed that is viewable on a laptop computer or handheld devices such as a tablet or smartphone. The live feed is also recorded and saved in a digital format for future reference.

If the inspection happens to uncover a major issue with the sewer system, and the property owner’s insurance policy covers it, the insurance company will require a copy for their records. Investing in a yearly sewer camera inspection may very well save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in future sewer repairs. In addition to discovering clogs in the sewer pipeline, as mentioned above, the eye in the pipe is also able to see even the most minuscule cracks and rotten spots.


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Often times these tiny cracks and rotten spots do not need to be fixed on the spot. That being said, they must be tracked from year to year in order to make sure that they are not growing larger. At some point, they will need to be repaired. Event the smallest potential problems eventually turn into a larger issue if not properly dealt with. Speaking of larger issues, if they are uncovered during the sewer camera inspection than a plan of action can be immediately put into place. That way you will avoid a sewage-related disaster from occurring, such as raw sewage and wastewater backing up into the property.

Nu Flow Technologies takes great pride in our quality sewer camera inspection services. Our team of technicians is the best in the business. In addition, our company only uses the most cutting-edge inspection equipment. It certainly is a combination that greatly benefits our customers.

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