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Hydro Jetting Services in Anderson, IN

At Nu Flow Indy, our team is trained to identify the symptoms of a damaged sewer pipeline, including slow-moving drains, foul sewer odors within a building, and actual wastewater backing up into bathrooms. Unlike traditional methods of repairs and cleaning services which required the pipes to be dug out of the ground, Nu Flow Indy can help relieve your concerns by avoiding these invasive steps in favor of a better, more efficient cleaning solution.

It is a common occurrence for clogs to form within a sewer line, most often the result of grease, corrosion, and various materials that become captured along the pipeline walls and accumulates to slow down the flow of wastewater. The rough, corrosive material can become very dense and difficult to move with other processes such as snaking, but at Nu Flow Indy, we are able to remove all of these problems with ease through our excellent, advanced hydro jetting equipment.


  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Trenchless and Traditional Solutions
  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Employees Drug Tested and Background Checked

Hydro jetting is the method of using a high-pressure flow of water to scrub the interior wall of the pipeline clean. Corrosion is removed, along with grease and other debris that has built up inside the pipeline over time. Our technician will utilize the outside cleanout point in the sewer pipeline. This capped, short access pipe located just at ground level connects with the underground sewer pipe. A hose with a specialized jetting, rotating head is inserted through the cleanout point down into the sewer pipeline. The hydro jetting hose and nozzle are fed into the pipeline, scouring clean the entire length of the pipeline’s interior wall. The hose is connected to a high-pressure water pump which delivers the water through the jetting head with enough force to even blast apart invasive tree roots.

The process of removing buildup involves working with gravity. The majority of plumbing systems use gravity to pull wastewater out of the building and into the public sewer system. Hydro jetting is able to blast out blockages with the assistance of gravity and allow the debris to be rinsed out of the pipeline and into the municipal sewer line. Once our hydro jetting session has been completed, the pipeline is inspected another time with a camera inspection to ensure that the line has been cleaned completely, as well as giving our technicians another opportunity to check for any cracks that may have been previously camouflaged by the corrosion.


  • Long Term Financing Available

Our hydro jetting services are completely eco-friendly and reliable through the use of pure water pressure rather than chemicals, and because it can be easily employed when needed, we are proud to offer regular cleaning sessions with our hydro jetting equipment. Customers in Anderson can rest easy with annually scheduled drain cleaning sessions that will keep their pipes consistently clean and clear of debris, extending the lifespan of their pipelines and improving the overall health and quality of the pipeline network as a whole.

NuFlow Indy is proud to serve the Anderson area. Contact us if you would like a consultation to discuss any sewer line concerns and cleaning services available, and we look forward to exploring your options with you.

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