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Drain Cleaning In Kokomo, IN

If the water in your sinks are draining slowly or you notice a foul stench permeating your home, call a professional team of drain cleaning experts from Nu Flow Indy. Our drain cleaning services are innovative and modern, incorporating eco-friendly tactics and fast solutions for any of your drain problems. Our drain cleaning services are most effective on an annual basis, allowing us to be proactive and preventing major problems from occurring by keeping the drains clean and clear.

Drain Cleaning Process and Methods

Drains often become slow or produce strong odors because of clogs that form within them. Materials like fat, grease, food particles, hair, and soap all accumulate within the drains and restrict water flow. Our sewer camera inspections allow us to find the clogs and determine the best solution to remove them quickly.


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The consequences of avoiding regular drain cleaning services can be severe, including the pipe becoming completely damaged, a flooding bathroom or kitchen, or an expensive repair. We want to ensure that our customers are not inconvenienced by clogged drains, and we strive to provide excellent services that will prevent accidents and reduce costs.

Hydro jetting is a popular cleaning service that we provide, using powerful streams of water to cut through clogs and tree roots in the pipes. This method is eco-friendly and efficient, relying on the strength of the water’s high-pressure to remove the clogs and be completed within a day. This method, among others, is trenchless and affordable, ensuring stability and efficiency for our customers.


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If your drains aren’t functioning properly, call Nu Flow Indy at 317-777-6489 or fill out the contact form for a professional cleaning. Our experts will provide excellent services at a great cost and ensure that your drains will continue to function smoothly for a long time.

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