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Often overlooked, drain and sewer system maintenance is a crucial part of conserving the habitability of your home or business. While aspects such as heating and cooling, electrical systems, and insulation are understood by most to be building components that require regular – sometimes even seasonal – upkeep, sewer systems are generally disregarded until a clog, pipe damage, or other breakdown in effectiveness occurs.

With periodic check-ups, it’s possible to avoid disasters and remain worry-free. Potential hazards of neglecting drain maintenance include raw sewage overflow in your yard or basement, expensive pipe replacement after long-term degradation, or simply the inconvenience of pipes not working due to blockage.


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While trying to remove a clog or perform a repair yourself is tempting, it should not be attempted by anyone but a trained professional. Without experience, the use of drain cleaning tools can damage your pipes further, and usually pushes a clog deeper rather than removing it. Store-bought liquid drain cleaner, while certainly a temporarily less expensive option to get rid of a stubborn drain blockage, ultimately serves only to cost you more money over a long-term period. It breaks down clogs and debris slowly but does not remove them, leading to the frustration of pouring multiple bottles into your pipes. Additionally, these substances are caustic or oxidizing and will erode pipes, linings, and pipe seals (even if labelled as “pipe-safe”), leaving the home or business owner with a weakened sewer system and a costly future repair. The chemicals themselves are dangerous (causing burns on skin or death if ingested) and are environmentally hazardous, leaking into groundwater and leading to poisoned birds, fish, and sometimes people.

In order to mitigate drain problems in your building and neighborhood, be drain conscious. Regular maintenance is important, but being aware of what goes down your drains – for example, grease and fats – can go far towards saving you headaches and a severe wallet reduction. For more information on fat, oil, and grease hazards, please refer to the City of Carmel’s handy guide to proper disposal. Also keep in mind that not all pipe damage can be deferred by your actions as a homeowner. Tree roots can grow into and block pipes, especially in older homes. Shifting ground, or simply age, can break pipes down over time, particularly depending on their material and its lifespan. In areas with hard water, which has a high mineral content, the lifespan of a sewer system can be reduced. For hazardous problems that can’t always be avoided with careful disposal of grease and fats, call NuFlow Indy to renew your pipes with a thorough cleaning.


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Our team of trained specialists at NuFlow Indy are prepared to meet your needs with speed and professionalism. With over eight locations across Indiana, including in Carmel, NuFlow has the staff, tools, and training of a large company while serving you in a personalized way. We offer a variety of services to cover everything from a routine maintenance check to major repairs. Camera inspections, non-invasive trenchless sewer repair, and drain cleaning can be employed to ensure the continued health and effectiveness of your sewer system, and leave you worry-free. Don’t hesitate to call us today!

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