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Drain Cleaning In Bloomington, IN

The next time you bathe or use your kitchen sink, try to picture where all of that water ends up. To reach its intended destination it has to pass through drain pipes and go all the way into the sewer lines. Water itself wouldn’t be a problem, but the fact that it is accompanied by all the grease, hair, and food particles makes the eventual clogging almost inevitable, and drain cleaning the necessary solution.

Keeping Your Drains Clean

Nu Flow Technologies offers advanced and reliable solution for your clogging issues. At Nu Flow Indy we are committed to clean your drain in the least disruptive manner anywhere in Bloomington Indiana. We know how ugly the plumbing problems can turn and seek to do the job as seamlessly as possible. Our highly skilled professionals will first detect the problem by driving a specialized video camera into your drain pipe, only to opt for the best way to proceed cleaning it.


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How Do I Know if My Drain Is Clogged?

The best approach to this problem is prevention. Inspecting your pipes on a regular basis not only helps the clogs, but contributes to the overall health of your entire sewer system. If you skipped an inspection, the signs that your drains may struggle are:

  • -Slow draining: should you notice that water used to go down a lot quicker, give us a call

  • -Small ponds in your property: if clogged drains are left neglected, they can cause much trouble

  • -Awful smell: sure a sign as it gets, the sewage smell is an alarm for you

  • -Recurring clogs: if you cleaned the drain pipe but clogs keep coming back, you know what to do.

Cleaning the Drain


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Following the video inspection, if clogs is what troubles your drain, we turn to our specially designed jetting equipment. With a pressure much higher than any toilet, grease, or soap residue buildup can withstand, we drive these off to a place of no return. Our jetting tools will give your drain pipes a nice, thorough sweep and ensure their cleanliness for a period in future.

Hand It Over to the Professionals

A quick note: you’ve heard about all the ways to drive the clog out of the pipes yourself, but most of them involve some kind of chemical that will in the long run only damage your pipe further. On top of that, the makeshift patch up can only be temporary. What we at Nu Flow Technologies offer is the professional, definite solution to your draining troubles in Bloomington Indiana. Only cutting-edge tools find their place in our arsenal and after we’ve done treating your drain pipe, it will be as good as new and free from the signs above for some time.

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They should be working smoothly and soundlessly, and any suspicious behavior from your drain pipes is a reason for concern. You have someone to turn to though. Whether it be drain cleaning or overall plumbing maintenance, we aim to ensure that your pipes retain their peak condition.

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Reach a qualified Nu Flow Indy support representative by filling out the form below or calling us directly at 317.777 6489 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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