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Have you been experiencing slow draining sinks, showers, or tubs at your residential, commercial, or industrial property? Perhaps the toilets do not flush as well as they once did? Maybe you are hearing strange gurgling sounds coming from the drains, or you are even smelling that nasty raw sewage smell escaping from them? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are obviously having an issue with the sewer system. Before you think the worst and go into panic mode the problem may be as simple as a dirty drainpipe.

The drainpipes at your home, place of business, or investment real estate are actually part of the sewer system. In fact, they are attached to the sewer pipes that are buried underground. Whenever you turn on a water faucet, tub, shower, or a plumbing appliance such as a dishwasher or clothes washing machine, water, and other debris enter into the drainpipe. From there the water and debris travel to the sewer pipeline and eventually reach either the city’s main sewer line or a septic tank buried somewhere on the property.


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A portion of the debris does not make its way down the drainpipes and out into the sewer pipeline. Instead, it clings or sticks to the interior walls of the drainpipe. Things such as grease, food particles, hair, soap, and shampoo are some of the most common culprits. Over time the materials build up on the pipe walls and eventually form into clogs. Once the clogs or blockages appear the wastewater cannot flow properly through the drainpipes. That is when the sink, shower, and tub drains begin to drain slowly. The clogs also cause the other problems as listed above.

If left untreated the sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets at your property can back up and overflow. In many cases, raw sewage is pulled up through the pipes and enters the property through the toilets along with the wastewater. It certainly goes without saying that exposure to raw sewage is a severe health hazard. The good news is that there is a way to avoid dirty drainpipes and the problems, and annoyance that they cause. A professional drain cleaning in Columbus, IN is the best and safest way to keep your drains and sewer system in good working order.


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The procedure is extremely cost effective and helps to significantly reduce the chances of spending thousands of dollars on major drainpipe and sewer pipe repairs in the future. Plumbing industry experts highly suggest scheduling a drain cleaning service at your home, place of business, and or investment property or properties a minimum of once per year. It is also important to only work with an experienced plumbing company that specializes in the latest and most effective drain cleaning methods. In the case of drain cleaning, a little preventative maintenance certainly goes a long way in saving you a lot of money in the long run.

At Nu Flow Technologies our main goal is not only to provide the best drain cleaning, but to offer it at a price that will not break the bank. We only hire the most experienced, friendly, and efficient technicians in the field, and use the highest quality tools and equipment available. Please contact us today in order to experience the difference that Nu Flow makes.

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