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Drain cleaning is a necessary service for ensuring that your drains run smoothly and don’t overflow or drain slowly. If you’re experiencing constant toilet back-ups and overflows, then call NuFlow Indy and allow us to take care of your drain emergencies. We offer the latest and the best technologies that won’t harm your pipes and or the environment, and we are proud to offer these innovative solutions to all of our customers in Anderson and the nearby cities.

Drains are vulnerable to forming clogs easily due to the everyday usage and constant debris being flushed down the drains, including hair, grease, shampoo residue, toilet paper, and food particles, all of which can become trapped along the pipeline walls and reduce the diameter of the pipeline. Clogs can escalate in size quickly because of this, and if the accumulation is left ignored, this can lead to the pipe become very restricted, preventing it from functioning properly. The results are often backups and flooding, and while drain cleaning solutions can often remove these symptoms, the results are temporary, causing the clogs to cause more problems just a few days later. At NuFlow Indy, we utilize powerful technology and advanced tools that allow us to easily remove clogs without harming your pipes any further. Our methods are quick and eco-friendly, ensuring that our work is chemical-free and safe for you and your home.


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Our expert technicians utilize modern sewer camera techniques designed to provide a completely accurate diagnosis of the situation. In the process, we will find out the material of your sewer pipes, the length and the diameter. Moreover, we will know how far the pipes extend underground and whether or not a hydro jetting technique will clear out your clogs or not. Hydro jetting is a no-dig solution for clearing out your drain pipes, and our technicians use a special nozzle and pressurized water to blast out the stuck debris and calcified matter right out the sewer lines and to the municipal sewer treatment center. Clogs and even tree roots get disintegrated and wash away harmlessly. The best part about hydro jetting is that it’s environmentally-friendly and it won’t cause any harm to your property and to the environment, as the water is free of toxic chemicals and the water pressure is controlled by our technicians that your pipes will not be damaged by it.


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You’ll quickly notice that the flow and performance of your drains will be improved. This is because the water blasts away the debris stuck inside your pipes and restores the original diameter. Because of this, you’ll have a new-like drain pipe that performs its best. The sewer camera inspection will reveal any other problems that may be lurking within, such as a bellied pipe that has sunk and is now accumulating waste, cracks where sewer water is seeping through or a collapsed pipe due to ground and structural movement. Our technicians have the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to repair your sewer lines in the same day.

NuFlow Indy is an expert in trenchless solutions. Call us and experience the benefits of our eco-friendly solutions today!

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