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What Is Drain Cleaning?

At NuFlow Indy, we recognize the importance of your drain and how quickly problems need to be fixed. We are proud to offer Noblesville services that can help eliminate problems quickly and efficiently. Whether the drain needs to be cleaned or repaired, we have the solutions. And these trenchless methods rarely require any extra digging that can result in trenches in your home or yard, making it a much quicker fix than the traditional method.

If cleaning your drain is required, then we use the hydro jetting method. First, the technicians begin with a video inspection. A camera mounted on waterproof cables is inserted into the pipe that is suspected of having a clog. The camera feed is then sent back to a portable screen that allows the technician to review it in real-time. The inspection allows for the technician to view the type of clog and if the solution needs to be adjusted. It also helps them identify if the pipe is strong enough to handle the blast of water of the hydro jetting. If not, then finding a separate repair option may be


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To being the hydro jetting itself, an average sized hose is inserted into an existing access point. This hose is fitted with a specific nozzle that has its surface covered in small holes. This allows for the pressurized water to have several different outlets, which can help it blast through clogs that could be at odd and difficult angles. The water itself is in a tank that is connected to the hose, and it is pressurized at roughly 4000 PSI. This gives it the power to handle some of the toughest blockages. Once the water is able to remove parts of the clog, the small bits of debris are washed down the pipe with the water. Even mineral residue can be removed from the interior walls.

However, if the drain is not experiencing a clog but is instead cracked, leaking, or otherwise faulty, pipe lining may be the best course of action. This drain is accessed through small access points made by the technician, rather than digging up the entire pipe and creating a trench. Then a video inspection is performed to identify the problem and its location. Following this, a tube is then inserted into the drain. This tube is layered with an epoxy resin that will form the patch or the new wall. Once inflated, the epoxy is pressed against the affected area. The pressure and force from the inflation press the resin into the cracks or leaks but also helps the epoxy be applied in a smooth, even fashion. Additionally, it helps the resin keep the shape of the pipe. Within roughly twenty-four hours, the epoxy hardens and becomes a new shell for the inside of the drain.


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If you would like to speak to a technician about which option would work for you, please give us a call at 317-777-6489! If you’d like to schedule a video inspection instead to see if you require our repair services, we can help you with that, too!

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