Vent stack repairs can be challenging, especially if you’re looking at paying for an entire replacement. This process can usually involve tearing down walls and doesn’t promise a fully-functional vent stack in the future. It can take days or weeks to fully replace a vent stack, which not only costs you money, it also costs you time, which is just as valuable. That’s why Nu Flow Indy services all of Irvington and offers vent stack lining.

What Is Vent Lining?

Vent stack lining is a process that allows vent stacks to rehabilitated while they are still installed without needing to remove and replace them. This ability to repair them from the inside reduces costs and labor, and at Nu Flow Indy, our professionals can offer this service without any demolition.

Vent Stack Lining Process

First, we complete an inspection and determine what’s wrong with your pipes so we know what we need to fix. We use an advanced type of technology that involves a video camera to complete our inspections, making sure that not a single issue is missed. Our professionals can complete this within a few minutes; it’s primarily just so we know what the extent of the damage to your vent stack is. Then, we clear your stack of debris. This includes debris like dust, smoke, pet hair, and other issues that can result in a damaged stack.

Once the inspection and cleaning process is complete, we insert a liner into your stack. Once it’s in place, this liner will create a structure that’ll last you fifty or more years and adds stability and strength to the already-existing structure. If you’re worried that your stack can’t be repaired, let us ease your concerns, we can work with any pipeline material, including clay, iron, fiberglass, and PCV. Our team has the experience necessary to complete this process without causing unnecessary delays or complications with your everyday schedule.

Call Nu Flow Indy today for the easiest vent stack repair job you’ve ever had. You can reach us by email or call us at (317) 777-6489, and we look forward to speaking with you.