Do you own a residential property that’s at least a decade old? Then it’s time for a camera inspection. Our experienced technicians recommend an inspection once every 6-12 months for houses that are more than 10 years old. Moreover, an immediate inspection is required if you can’t remember the last time you did it. Here’s what a sewer and drain inspection can reveal about your pipeline:

Assess Outdated Pipe Material

Older pipe materials are more likely to have deteriorated and will be in need of repair or replacement. Properties that were built during the 1940’s or 1950’s will have Orangeburg pipes, which is susceptible to corrosion. A quick video inspection will reveal if the line has cracked or if it’s still serviceable by pipelining.

Uncover Below-Surface Problems

If you suspect something wrong with your pipe, such as a noticeable loss in flow or constant clogging, then it could be that roots from nearby trees have invaded your pipe in search of sustenance.

Find The Reason Why Your Pipes Are Failing

Got a slow drain that just can’t be fixed by DIY methods? There could be an unusual smell coming from the drains, the toilet or the sink. Maybe you’re experiencing constant back-ups that are both problematic and inconvenient. Chemical drain solutions could potentially do more harm than good, and snakes could poke holes that lead to a plumbing emergency.

Have your sewer system inspected for ultimate peace of mind. There’s a lot of stake for broken pipelines in terms of family health, structural integrity and the like. Modern trenchless technology has made sewer camera inspections easy and painless. At Nu Flow Indy, you can trust our technicians to carry out the inspection and get to the root of the problem using innovative pipe cleaning and pipelining procedures that ensure your system is at par with current codes.