At Nu Flow Indy, we make it our goal to fix your pipes without digging giant trenches to access them and rely on trenchless technologies instead.

Our Process at Nu Flow Indy

Before we tackle repairs, we perform a video camera inspection in order to locate the problem. This is done by digging one or two small holes to the pipe connections, allowing us to access the inside of the pipe. From there, we send a small camera through the pipes and assess their condition as well as determining where the problem is. Before proceeding with repair options, we openly discuss them with you and provide with you with a copy of the video footage as well.

These camera inspections are especially valuable before the winter months set in because your pipes are more prone to cracking from the extreme cold. If the pipes are already cracked, it’s very important for us to fix it quickly. Once we have decided on a repair solution, we will begin the innovative process. We employ pipe lining as our solution of choice, placing a new lining inside of the old pipe without any removal or trenches. The new pipe is created from an epoxy-coated sleeve, blowing it into the pipe and curing it once it coats the inside of the pipe completely. The new pipe is smooth and hard, improving the flow of wastewater through the drains and creating a durable, long-lasting pipe that will resist environmental factors and corrosion. These new pipes also come with a lifespan of 50 years guaranteed, ensuring that future repairs won’t be necessary. Not only is this process efficient and long-lasting, the Nu Flow epoxy lining process is completed within a single day, saving time and money on excavation costs and ensuring that the pipes will be durable against the cold winter.

How To Reach Us

We offer year-round plumbing service with trenchless technologies, and we can repair a problem without leaving trenches behind. Cracked pipes are common problems in the winter, and we offer pipe lining as the innovative repair solution. For all of your epoxy lining needs, contact Nu Flow Indy at 317-777-6489.