When you think of “drain cleaning,” what comes to mind? We’re willing to bet it’s store bought cleaners and pulling hair out of the shower drain. While you’re right to think of those things, there’s more to consider.

Unfortunately, most people do not know the full extent of drain cleaning and why it’s important. All too often we see homeowners and renters sending those cleaners down their drains and calling it a day. Drains and drain cleaning need so much more than that, though.

Your drainage system should function like a well oiled machine. When it isn’t taken care of properly, it can’t function correctly. With a dysfunctional drainage system comes more than dirt and grime.

What happens when drains are not cleaned?

The severity of the effects of uncleaned drains can vary in degree. The most common problem associated with uncleaned drains is one many people — maybe even yourself — tend to overlook: slow drainage.

Slow drainage is often “treated” with store bought cleaners and never really given a second thought. Unfortunately, the efficiency of your drainage system isn’t the only thing that is affected by those small clogs and obstructions.

When you choose to send store bought cleaner down your drains to “treat” clogs, you’re also choosing to send corrosive chemicals into your pipeline. While these cleaners are doing their job to move obstructions through your pipes, they’re also eating away at your drains. This poses an even bigger risk. The corrosion on those pipes, both big and small, can compromise your drainage system completely, leading to a costly repair down the road.

Over time, clogs and obstructions are not the only thing that pose a risk to uncleaned drains. With age comes the natural wear and tear of drains and drain pipes as well as bigger, harder to move obstructions farther down in your pipeline. The worst outcome of these obstructed or compromised pipe is a full-blown sewage backup.

With a sewage backup comes flooding, awful smells, and pipes that need to be replaced. That’s not all though. If you’re left dealing with a sewage backup, you’ll also need to worry about mold growth, rodents making their way into your home, and the infectious health hazards that come with sewage exposure.

How do you prevent the effects of an uncleaned drain?

The first secret to successful drains and effective drain cleaning is to be preventative. The second secret is to let the professionals handle it. By allowing professionals to come in and do the dirty work for you, you’re not putting yourself in a position to make mistakes that call for costly repairs.

Here at NuFlow, you can trust us. Don’t fall victim to simple, store bought cleaners that have long term effects on your drains. Certainly don’t wait for things to get bad (or worse) before tending to the health of your drains. Our trusted and knowledgeable professionals are prepared to lend a helping a hand. We understand the importance of Drain Cleaning and we want you to as well.