It’s that time of the year again: the season is set to kick off and all of your friends are coming over. It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week: you can relax from work, family responsibilities are on the back burner, and you have 16 more weeks ahead (hopefully more!). Old friends and new ones alike are on their way, the food is laid out, and your brand new big screen is mounted on the wall and ready to go. When guests arrive you have them hang their coats, put away their shoes, and…warn them not to use your bathroom?!?!?

Wait, the bathroom is not working? Unless you are renting a porta potty for the evening, this is a sure fire way to never host game night again. Prevent embarrassment by staying vigilant about the health of your plumbing. Keeping your pipes clean and big clogs prevented relies on proper pipe inspection. Taking preventative measures will ensure problems do not arise when company is in the house and game night is at stake.

Home Pipe Inspection

At Nu Flow Indy, we pride ourselves in being your number one plumbing company in Indiana. With a well seasoned team of professionals, you never have to worry about an embarrassing plumbing issue again. Knowing that we are on the job, don’t hesitate to put out that cheese dip and fry up some sausages. Your pipes will be flowing like new in no time.

Pipe inspection is a serious matter for us and for you. We know that plumbing tends to get clogged and that’s why our company is prepared for the worst. Just like any appliance and fixture in your home, your pipes will need replacing and cleaning. Trusting in a company with years of local experience ensures you the service you deserve.

How Pipe Inspection Works

If you suspect a problem or just want peace of mind before game night, give us a call. We will send over a highly trained technician and give your property a thorough inspection. Walking through your home, our expert plumber will assess all your pipes, those hidden and those exposed.

Testing for leaks, sounds, and slow draining, we have the expert’s eye required to sense problems. By catching small issues quickly, we can fix them before they become catastrophes. If you see any leaky and cracked pipes or are experiencing slow drains, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Because the majority of your plumbing is located under the floorboards and behind walls, inspecting these important pipes requires precision instruments. All of our specialists are equipped with powerful cameras that take real time video footage. These tools are snaked through your pipes and our specialists can see first hand if any blockages or cracks exist. By targeting specific locations, we save you both time and money with precision repairs.

Don’t gamble with your pipes, gamble with your friends. Give Nu Flow Indy a call: 317-777-6489.