Any repairs or replacements being done to your residential, industrial, commercial, or municipal building or property can seem daunting. This is especially true if you’re looking at the repair or replacement of a major line like sewer or water lines, which are essential to the functionality of any kind of building. Here at NuFlow Indy, we treasure our ability to offer you the best information regarding the cost and savings of different kinds of solutions, including traditional repairs, trenchless repairs, pipe bursting versus pipe lining, and other solutions.

Why traditional?

People may opt for traditional sewer, water, or other pipe repairs for a variety of reasons. Traditional repairs have been around longer than trenchless repairs, which came around in 1998. Traditional repairs may seem like the only option to some. It is important to note, though, that traditional repairs come with their own, specialized set of additional or hidden costs.
Traditional repairs rely on the digging of a trench the length, depth, and width of your pipe. This may span a hundred feet long, even more if your damage is extensive. Keep that in mind if you’re seeking traditional repairs.
Overall, the average cost of a traditional sewer line repair or replacement, per foot, is $50-$250+. It depends on the length, diameter, and depth of the existing pipes, local rates, and the ease of access to said pipe. Ease of access is primarily affected by landscaping, hardscaping, and street access or location. Replacing an average sewer line can cost $3,000-$6,000 where it connects to the city sewer system. If this connection line is located in the street, it spikes to $7,000-$25,000+. Reviews from a site called “CostHelper” say that they paid $50-$150 when repairing/replacing sewer line, with an average cost at $106/ft. Ask your plumbing company what state they’ll leave your yard in after they’re done with excavation and repair. Costs can range between $50-$5,000+ in repairs to your home, yard, or hardscaping after an excavation is done. A video inspection is recommended and performed by most companies prior to repairs or replacements. If the same contractor completes your excavation and repair, this cost may be removed from your final bill after the repair is completed.
At, it’s particularly noted that some homeowners, business-owners, or property owners may want to use traditional repairs if the pipe is near the surface of the ground, easily accessible, away from streets or busy work, and doesn’t affect a business or place of work. However, trenchless repairs are much more convenient and easier on the plumbers, you, and your money.

Why trenchless?

Trenchless repairs have been around for decades, and NuFlow has been around since the beginning of the trenchless repair phase of plumbing technologies. All of our solutions, technologies, and equipment are up-to-date, state of the art, and capable of handling any repair or pipeline issue you throw at us.

Trenchless repairs are named as such because they don’t require such heavy excavation and digging at your home, business, or in your property lawn, hardscaping, or city streets. Most methods only require a small entry point, usually already accessible. If not, small entry points are created at the beginning and end of the line to avoid expensive excavations. There are a few different trenchless technologies available for use. Primarily, pipe lining and pipe bursting. Both have different costs per foot.
Pipe lining is recommended for the following:
• Underground pipelines – especially ones that are underneath homes, landscaping, hardscaping, sidewalks, streets, or business buildings (this includes industrial, municipal, or historical buildings)
• Blocked pipes that burst due to severe blockages of roots or household debris
• Poorly installed pipes which cause sewer backups
• Frequently leaking drain lines
• Cracked water pipes, caused by ground movement or building restoration
• Persistent freezing and thawing, which can cause damage to pipes

Pipe lining essentially creates a pipe within a pipe. This is applicable to vent stacks, storm drains, drain lines, water lines, sewer lines, main lines, or other pipes big enough to fit the felt tube that NuFlow uses for depositing epoxy. A special machine inserts this tube, which is also coated with wet epoxy resin. We then deflate the tube and remove it, allowing the epoxy to cure. This completes your repair in under a day or so. This epoxy resin adds 50 years of life expectancy to the pipe repaired.

Costs for pipe lining can average between $80-$250 per foot. Upfront, trenchless repairs can seem similar to the price of traditional repairs. However, traditional repairs require the additional repair costs to any landscaping or hardscaping. This requires more professionals. NuFlow recognizes that not every situation is one for trenchless, and we are happy to evaluate your project to determine which repair methods are most appropriate.

Pipe bursting is recommended for pipes in a severe state of disrepair and fixing the existing line is impossible or impractical. This typically comes about when a pipe cracks in two pieces, collapses, or has suffered severe corrosion and weakness due to material failure. Pipe bursting is the act of inserting a pipe bursting head through the existing line, and pulling a brand new pipe in place behind it. This seamlessly replaces your pipes entirely. Again, this repair is trenchless, so it doesn’t require heavy excavation or digging. We use a pre-existing entry point if one is available, or create a small access point if not.

The cost of pipe bursting ranges from $60-$200 per foot, on average. The main benefit of pipe bursting versus pipe lining is that pipe bursting gives you a whole new pipe. This is a great benefit, when you’re considering the likelihood of replacement for your pipes. Even with pipes falling apart, such as clay or cast-iron (which are frequently used in Indiana) pipe bursting is a great solution. If pipe bursting doesn’t work for you, you can always turn back to pipe lining. We won’t suggest pipe bursting unless it’s absolutely necessary.

What trenchless technologies are available, and where are they applicable?

Here at NuFlow, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a variety of services to Indianapolis, Indiana businesses and residents.
• Sewer camera inspections
• Drain cleaning & hydro-jetting services
• Sewer repairs
• Trenchless pipe lining & sewer repair
• Vent stack lining
• Storm drain repair

All of these services utilize the best and latest equipment, ensuring that the job gets done to perfection.

Sewer camera inspections are the first step to any pipe service. They allow us to get a close look at the going-ons of your pipes, including any blockages, leaks, breaks, tree root invasions, or other complications with a repair, replacement, or maintenance tool like drain cleaning or hydro-jetting.

Drain cleaning & hydro-jetting are both great preventative and maintenance tools. Drain cleaning is a process in which we clear out blockages or clogs inside your pipes. We may use hydro-jetting to do this, or we may use a drain snake. A drain snake is recommended for smaller clogs with less density. We use hydro-jetting for heavier jobs. Hydro-jetting is an eco-friendly solution to clogs. We use a highly-pressurized nozzle on the end of a water hose to shoot water into your pipes, clearing them thoroughly of any blockages. Not only are these processes quick, they’re also affordable and great for maintenance since they are gentle on your pipes. If performed three or four times a year, drain cleaning or hydro-jetting can save you thousands of dollars in an emergency plumbing situation since they keep your pipes and drains clean, clear, and running smoothly.

Sewer repairs are a daunting task, we understand that. That’s why we offer several types of solutions. Firstly, we offer trenchless sewer repair. These repair methods only take a few hours to complete; they’re minimally invasive, which means you’re saved the hassle of repairing walls, landscaping, flooring, or hardscaping for your home or business; these services are efficient, which mean they save you time and money; and they meet industry standards and are permanent. Trenchless sewer repair via trenchless pipe lining can add an additional 50 years of life expectancy to your pipes, which is a huge benefit. We can also perform pipe bursting, which replaces a section of pipe entirely.
Storm drain repairs may seem like they’re not a concern now, but just wait for rainy season. Getting a quick camera inspection done can reassure you and save you money in the long run. With NuFlow, we offer storm drain repairs with an epoxy resin that can secure and stabilize your storm drains for up to fifty years. The same goes for vent stack lining, which uses a similar epoxy solution as our trenchless pipe lining repair method. This unique epoxy solution stands up to the test of time, and can be expected to last for decades to come. The resin used for vent stacks can work for PVC, fiberglass, clay, and iron pipeline material, meaning that no matter what you have, we can cover it.
The overall cost of trenchless may seem daunting in the short-term, but overall, trenchless repairs or replacements can last you longer. Because NuFlow offers an epoxy solution that adds 50 years of life expectancy, if you have strong pipe material, you may get a lifetime or more from your pipes, vent stacks, or storm drains. We offer trenchless technologies not just to save you money, but to save you time, as well. Time is a precious commodity – and the weeks spent waiting for excavation, repairs, and the repairs repairing the excavation to be completed can feel like they drag on forever. Displacement of a home, business, or other place of work can be very challenging for employees, bosses, and customers alike. That is why NuFlow offers trenchless technologies, solutions, and equipment.

NuFlow is located near you so we can serve you better.

We have satisfied customers all across Indianapolis, IN and throughout much of the rest of Indiana. You can reach us at by phone at (317) 777-6489 whether it’s for a scheduled maintenance drain cleaning or an emergency plumbing situation. No matter your problem, NuFlow is here to fix it with the latest and greatest technologies – that’ll also help you pinch a penny or two.
We work for a variety of property needs.

Not only does NuFlow work for residential customers, we also work for industrial, commercial, municipal, and historic site customers. We recognize that each building, property, and need is unique. We’re willing to work with single-or-multi tenant buildings, so you’re not worried about your condo or apartment complex residents losing sewer access. No matter your property type, NuFlow has your repairs covered.

We believe in only the best of the best.

That’s why our equipment is state-of-the-art, up to date, and running smoothly at all times. That’s also why we offer the latest technologies and keep up with trenchless plumbing standards. Not only do we set the standards for this industry, but we by far exceed them. NuFlow is not known for giving up on a challenging or complicated project. We also believe in having the best employees – that’s why all our employees are licensed and insured to work on your home.

Sewer repairs of any size can seem daunting. Will they really work? Can I get my pipes fixed without breaking my budget? The answer is yes! If you use the right company, with the properly vetted employees and technicians, trenchless technologies can solve almost any problem. Call us today for your video camera inspection, maintenance, preventative measures, repairs, replacements, or any other number of services.

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