Sewer repair has never been more convenient or non-invasive than it is now, thanks to innovative, modern plumbing technology. If you own a home or business in Indiana, and your pipes are leaking or flooding, you’re already dealing with a headache. Luckily, it doesn’t need to turn into a migraine, because NuFlow Indy has the expertise and equipment to remediate the issue quickly and effectively with sewer pipe lining.

How The Trenchless Pipe Lining Process Works

Sewer pipe lining is not a novel practice, but only recently caught on as the preferred method of sewer repair for private property owners. Used by municipalities for years, sewer lining allows pipe repair to be completed entirely within the pipeline, cutting out the need for digging into surrounding property.

Epoxy resin is soaked into a felt liner and inserted into the sewer line, then pulled through and inflated until it hardens into a new pipe within the old. Breaks and cracks are effectively sealed, making sewer lining an ideal repair method for flooding and leaking pipes. Able to be completed in just a few days or less, sewer pipe lining works to quickly remediate flooding issues. Traditional repairs can take weeks, as technicians dig into property to locate the cause of the leak. Sewer lining cuts unnecessary time from the equation, using an existing access point to quickly and effectively fix the issue with the liner.

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When you’re experiencing flooding, you need a speedy, reliable way to cure the source of the leak and minimize property damage. Trenchless sewer pipe lining provides fast relief and installs a new pipeline that is resistant to corrosion and root invasion, making is less likely to break and flood than traditional piping materials. Even better, the new epoxy pipes last for fifty years or more and are environmentally-friendly. If your pipes are flooding and you never want it to happen again, pipe lining is the way to go.

In apartment maintenance, the sooner you spot the problem and the faster you can have it fixed, the better. This is the same for leaks- while one small drop at a time doesn’t seem like much, over time it can become very costly and damaging for the apartment and for your health. If you live in an apartment in Butler-Tarkington then it’s your duty to tell the property manager so they can get it fixed as soon as possible.

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One of the biggest nightmares you might face as a home or business owner is flooding on your property. Clogged storm drains make this backup more likely to happen, and the nightmare can very well come true. So, if you live in Indianapolis and are worried about the state your storm drain might be in, call us at Nu Flow Indy and let our professional and skilled team have a look.

Storm drains should be inspected routinely to ensure there are no blockages or obstructions slowing down the flow of water. Aside from blockages, you also need to make sure your pipes are strong and in functional condition. Storm sewers can get choked up with mud, garbage bags, debris, and other types of particulate buildup.

It is inevitable for these drain pipes to corrode over time and when the cracks begin to form, water starts leaking into the ground. That is when the danger of flooding begins to appear.

At Nu Flow Indy, we have an experienced team of experts who can accurately inspect your sewer and assess what state your pipes are in. Through our trenchless technology, we won’t need to dig through your property to carry out inspections or repair work. Through a small access point in your sewer lines, we can create a strong coating inside your existing pipe by passing an epoxy coated lining through it. The lining will be inflated and the epoxy material will be cured in place and hardened. This new hard coating will create a pipe within your old existing pipe, sealing it from any cracks and breakages.

This procedure will ensure that your storm drain is completely safe from any damage and corrosion. The new pipe will allow the water to pass through without any obstacles or delays. Contact us now to inspect your storm drain and even if repair work is required, through the trenchless technology we offer, you won’t have to waste any extra money or time on restoration on your property once we are done fixing it!

Sewer problems can be messy and take a lot of time to complete. Or at least, that was the way it used to be before trenchless technologies burst onto the scene. With trenchless technology in place, sewer repairs take far less time to complete and are much more efficient and clean. The reasons for these stark distinctions are quite simple, as trenchless methods eliminate the need for excessive digging. The underground pipe remains underground, and a camera is inserted to view what the condition of that pipe is from the inside. Being able to see a pipe from the inside assists in assessing the condition of the pipe as well as locating any problem that are developing in that pipe.

The sewer camera inspection is extremely thorough as it can reveal anything from a leak or crack to clogs and breaks in the pipe. Here at NuFlow Indy, we use modern sewer repair methods to keep your Indianapolis home intact. Once the camera inspection reveals what is going on in your plumbing system, we can then take a look at the options available to you. While trenchless technologies are often referred to as no-dig alternatives, we still need to dig small holes down to the pipe connection locations in order to insert the video camera, but these holes are strategically located and non-invasive. The feed of the video camera is transmitted through a closed-circuit system that only our qualified technicians can view on site. It is through this high quality video that we can properly diagnose the problems underground in your sewer system without having to dig a trench to view the pipe from the outside.

The trenchless solutions we use are determined by the type of repair required. If there is a clog we will use hydro jetting to clear it out, and this process involves sending highly pressurized water down the sewer pipe. If there is a leak or crack, pipe lining may be the best solution. This is where we insert a pliable epoxy-covered sleeve down the inside of the sewer pipe to be repaired. After we apply hot water to the lining a chemical reaction causes the sleeve to harden and become a pipe inside the original pipe. If there is a breakdown in the pipe we may choose to replace it with pipe bursting. Pipe bursting involves pulling a new pipe into place and breaking apart the existing one to make way for the new one.

These are all modern sewer repair methods that leave leave behind next to none property damage and take much less time to complete because of the time saved on avoiding needless digging. Also, they are pipe repairs that will cost you less. Another important consideration with trenchless pipe rehabilitation is that the finished work lasts much longer than traditional dig-and-replace sewer repairs, saving you money in the long run. For more information on how we can repair your sewer problems in Indianapolis, contact us at NuFlow Indy today and we look forward to helping you!

Your pool is a fun addition to your home. Whether you’ve had a long hot day in the Indiana summer or you need a nice workout in your indoor pool during the long winters, the last thing you want is to find out that you need to repair your pool or its drain pipe system.

If you’re losing water and constantly refilling the pool, then you could be facing a big expense. The cause could be leaks and cracks in your drain pipes. Your pool should be relaxing; it should not add to your stress.

The problem with a lot of drain pipe repairs is that they are destructive. Getting to your pool drain pipes can be a huge pain that requires digging up your property. If your pool is indoors, add tearing apart walls and floors to the list. This really is excessive and close to impossible for homeowners on a budget.

Living in a construction zone is definitely not relaxing. All you really need to have watertight, safe, and reliable pipes is a trenchless pipe relining, also known as a Cured-In-Place Pipe. This quick procedure allows your existing pool drain pipes to be lined with an epoxy resin that fills and protects them. Your existing pipes will guide the technician and their tools as they work to create your new pipes inside of your old drain pipes.

A Better Option

A trenchless pipe relining is a great way to both protect and repair your existing pipes. The plumbing technician uses the existing framework of your pool drain system to guide their tools through each turn and twist of your pipe system. Every part of your pool drain system will be sealed and coated. Any cracks or openings will no longer leak. Corrosion will be slowed and the life of your pipes will be dramatically extended. Relined pipes are just as effective and long-lasting as traditionally installed pipes.

The expense of this kind of trenchless drain repair can essentially pay for itself. Lining your pool drain pipes can be done in one day. By digging one access hole, technicians can forgo destructive trenches and leave your lawn, floors, and walls intact.

As a preventative measure, this can ensure that you will not face major repairs in the future. A regular drain pipe lining keeps your pool drain pipes sturdy and clean. When you add on the financial and environmental savings in water, you can’t beat the price of pool drain lining.

Consider lining your pool drain pipes on a yearly or regularly scheduled basis so that emergencies don’t sneak up on you when you least expect it. It can already take a lot of money to properly treat and maintain your pool water. Between chemicals, pumps, and filters your pool is complicated enough.

Take a step toward making your pool a stress free zone for fun and relaxation by looking into drain pipe relining. You want your pool to be ready when you need it. It should be more fun than work, and it will be if your drain pipes are properly repaired.

Managing a business is all about making the best decision possible for the right price. Between managing staff, supplies, customers, and regular building maintenance, it feels like unexpected expenses are always popping up. You can’t miss a beat and you never want to have to suspend business for maintenance purposes. If you’re spending money to improve your business, you don’t want to be losing money on the other end.

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Indiana’s water infrastructure is in serious trouble. According to the Indiana Finance Authority, they estimate a cost of $2.3 billion in urgent workto repair the aging water pipes, mains, and other underground assets.

You see, most of the pipes in Indiana were installed after World War II, and some were installed way back in the 1890s! These pipes are well over their life expectancy. They have been overused and need to be replaced. Indiana has over 46,000 miles of water pipes which are operated by community water systems.

That is why at NuFlow we want to help Indiana resident find great plumbing contractors who can help alleviate this problem. We know it’s not easy to find a reliable pipe replacement provider. That is why our goal is to help you save money, time and the stress of a destructive pipe replacement ordeal.

But first, how do you know if you need a pipe replacement?

Do you have a leaking pipe?

Did you know that water leaks represent an average waste of over 11,000 gallons of water every year? That’s the equivalent of more than 250 loads of laundry. The problem is that detecting a leak is difficult because most are so subtle that they stay out of sight.

Here are some practical ways to diagnose whether or not you have a plumbing problem.

Watch the water meter

Make sure there is no water running in your house. Check your water meter and see if the flow indicator is moving. If it is, it means that there is water flowing somewhere, when it shouldn’t. It could be as simple as a broken seal, or as complex as fractured pipe.

Look at your walls, ceilings, and floors

Notice any bubbling, warping or staining? It could be caused by a hidden leak in the surrounding pipes near those areas. Mold and mildew love dark and moist environments. They thrive in them, so if you notice it growing on any walls of your home, it could mean that a leaky pipe is being used as a breeding ground for the mold.

Low Water Pressure

This is a big warning sign. If you notice a drop in your water pressure, it could mean that a pipe has started to fail and needs to be repaired immediately.

Expensive Water Bills

If there is a noticeable increase in your water bill and you haven’t changed your water usage patterns, you could be paying for water that is leaking and never getting to your home.

How to Find a Pipe Replacement Provider

Many plumbing companies in Indiana can replace pipes. However, some of them are still using the same old technique of digging a trench to get to the damaged pipe to repair or replace it. But as you can imagine, after the replacement is done, they still have to clean and restore all the mess and damage they did.

Luckily, NuFlow can replace your drain and sewer pipes without any mess, at a fraction of the cost, and in a matter of hours. This solution is called trenchless pipe replacement. Simply put, the pipe is fixed from the inside by a inserting a tube coated with resin. Once the resin has hardened, it creates a pipe within the pipe.

If you would like to find out more about trenchless pipe replacement but are wondering how to find a provider in Indianapolis, look no further. We can offer you a customized solution to your problem. Give us a call at (317) 777-6489 or send us an email to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, sewer line repair is one of those things that virtually every homeowner will have to deal with at some point. Most of the time, it is far less common when the home is newer but even new sewer lines will eventually age. As they do, it is only reasonable to expect additional problems that are naturally associated with use or other outside circumstances that can spell plumbing problems for the homeowner. Of course, anyone that moves into an older home can probably expect to have additional problems or to be forced to deal with common problems sooner than they would in a new or home.

While every home must pass an inspection before it can be sold, that doesn’t mean that the sewer system on an older home is going to operate free from problems for years to come. Fortunately, things like trenchless technology make it a lot easier and more cost-effective for homeowners to deal with this type of thing in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas.

Common Problems With Sewer Lines

Most sewer lines have many of the same common problems. Eventually, they can all become clogged with hair or grease. In many cases, tree roots are to blame. This is especially true if there are trees with deep root systems that grow within several feet of sewer lines. When properly managed, these problems can usually be dealt with relatively easily. It is when they are allowed to get out of control that larger problems start to arise. Of course, sewer lines can also crack or become fragile from age. Depending on outside circumstances, excessive mechanical stress might have been placed on the line for one reason or another. This can cause external damage which can then cause the pipe to leak or suffer other problems.

Advantages Of Trenchless Technology

There are many advantages associated with using trenchless technology, both in the Indianapolis, IN area and elsewhere. First and foremost, the technology can be used to pinpoint any potential problems and single them out as opposed to forcing replacement of the entire line. In addition, the use of trenchless technology means that there will be less of the homeowner’s property that has to be torn up in order to find the problem and then fix it. This type of technology is also more accurate. This means that it is far more likely that any additional problems will be caught at the time the initial repair is made. In many cases, everything can be dealt with in one visit instead of several. It also means that there is usually less time required to complete the job.

Making Repairs Easier For Homeowners

What does all of this mean for homeowners? It basically means that repairs can be completed with fewer interruptions of the homeowner’s daily schedule. Professionals are able to get in, find the problem and take care of it in a minimum amount of time without causing a lot of additional damage to the property itself. This means that homeowners don’t have to worry about someone being on their property for an extended amount of time and in most cases, it makes the entire project go much more smoothly. All of this makes it easier on the homeowner because it gets things back up and running as quickly as possible without causing a lot of additional issues.

Saving Homeowners Money

Of course, most homeowners are not just worried about infringement upon their time and personal space. They are typically also concerned about how much money they are going to have to spend to get any type of problem fixed on their property. Trenchless technology also saves individuals money, largely for the reasons that are mentioned above. Problems can be found and corrected much more quickly and typically, this can be done with fewer individuals working at any one given time. There is also less large equipment involved. All of this means savings for the homeowner, especially when it comes to labor costs.


When something goes wrong with a person’s property, the first things on that person’s mind are typically what needs to happen to get it fixed, how much it is going to cost, and how long is it going to take to get the job done. Trenchless technology provides a number of advantages for anyone dealing with sewer issues, not the least of which involves saving money and reducing the amount of time required to make the necessary repairs. Perhaps the most important thing is that these repairs are likely to last for a longer period of time, meaning that the homeowner can rest assured that they won’t be going through the same thing in just a few more months. That kind of peace of mind is invaluable.

Is the water taking forever to drain out of your sink or bathtub? Liquid drain cleaning products can only handle so much. They are not designed for heavy duty, professional-level cleaning. Here are 3 signs you need a professional drain cleaning in Columbus, Ohio:

1. Persistent Clogging

You can buy strong drain cleaner at any home improvement store. Usually, half a bottle will clear out common drain clogs. If you’ve poured an entire bottle and the clog is still there or if the drain cleaner seems to work but it clogs again a few days later, you need help. There is usually lye in the drain cleaners you buy at the store. The lye will help break down the grease and build-up in your drains.

Often what causes clogs in our drains is the soap we use. Many bar soaps leave larger particles in the drain pipes. Dirt and hair will then stick to this soap scum creating larger blockages in the pipes. Soon enough, it will create a blockage not allowing the water to flow at all or will impede the flow of water to a trickle.

Professional drain cleaners have other methods to get into the pipes and break up these blockages. They have access to heavier strength industrial products as well as snakes, water jets, and other tools to reach down into the drain lines.

2. Bad Smells Coming From Drains in Sinks and Tubs

There is nothing worse than the smell of rotting junk caught in your drains. If you have noticed a stinky smell and you can’t find the source, it is likely coming from somewhere in your drain line. If you have already pulled out that icky glob of hair but your drain still stinks, there must be something still inside. It may look like you’ve cleared the problem but that’s only what you can see.

There are other reasons a drain line might be stinking and none of them are pleasant. Sometimes sewer lines will break and back up into drain lines. There are even instances of rats or mice getting stuck and dying. While none of these are nice to think about, there are ways that plumbers can fix the problems. A sewer scope may be in order. They will run a camera down the pipe until they find the problem.

3. Water Backing Up

Usually, drain pipes get clogged and the water simply doesn’t drain or it takes a long time to drain. But, sometimes the problem is much worse than poor drainage. There are times when a major blockage happens in the main sewer line. Because all drain lines connect into this main sewer line the only thing stopping the flow of sewage is gravity. Once a blockage occurs, sewage will actually fill up the drain lines and start coming out of the tub drains. This can happen because these are the lowest drains in the house. Once the pipes have filled up, there is nowhere else to go but up.

This is not just an inconvenience issue that you can deal with in your own time. This is a major issue that poses safety risks for your family’s health and well-being. Water and sewage leaking onto the floors and walls can cause major damage. It may also pool under the home in the crawlspace making it harder to detect.

Bite the Bullet and Call a Drain Cleaning Company

Drains backing up are never a fun thing to deal with. But it is always better to address problems sooner than later. First, try clearing out any build-up you can see. Then try a bottle of drain cleaner. If the problem doesn’t go away, you really should call a professional.

Drain repairs are done based on what the actual problem is. When there are problems underground, the only way to know for sure what is causing it, is to call in someone who specializes in underground repairs. From the outside looking in, there is no way to diagnose a problem that you simply cannot see. An experienced maintenance worker can use the proper tools, to find out the problem and take the needed steps to fix it.

If the drains in a house are no longer working the way they should, this can mean that they may need to be unclogged or that the problem actually lies in the pipes underground. If the homeowner has tried to unclog the drains and it is not working, then it may be time to call a sewer repair professional. An experienced maintenance worker can determine if the problem lies within the home itself or if it is an issue underground. He may use different methods to try to unclog the drains in the home including inserting in a “snake” or he may use a sewer camera to determine what is going on. The sewer camera is a camera that goes into a drain and will allow the worker to see if the problem is moreso local or if it lies deeper. If the problem is local then it can be fixed right at the drain. However, if the problem lies deeper then this can mean the presence of a blockage in the sewer pipe or damage to the actual pipe. Here are some stages of drain repair:

1. Trying to simply unclog the drain.

The homeowner may have tried to unclog the drain themselves but to no avail. The worker will also attempt to try to unclog it just in case the problem is local.

2. Using a sewer camera to visibly see the issue.

There is a monitor that connects to the sewer camera. This screen shows the worker everything the camera is seeing. This is how he will troubleshoot the problem and know whether you are dealing with a blockage or damage to the pipe.

3. Take the proper steps to repair the problem.

Once the issue has been determined as local or underground, the worker can begin to fix it. If it is local, he should be able to unclog the drain above ground but if the problem is within the underground pipes, he will have to do some digging. If he does have to make the repairs underground, he may recommend a trenchless method. Trenchless is a way to fix problems with underground pipes without digging large trenches on the property. There are a few variations of trenchless but they only require one or two access points to be dug. This makes for less damage to your yard or landscape and makes the repairing process a speedier one.

Drain repairs can seem like they will be an expensive process but with the right worker and the trenchless method, you can rest assured that you will have the problem taken care of for the right price and a short amount of time.