No one wakes up in the morning aching to spend money on drain cleaning or hydro jetting a sewer, but it can end up being one the most efficient uses of any property owners money. Spending just a couple hundred bucks or a few thousand could save you tends of thousands down the road.

Proper checkups and maintenance are the best way to save on repair costs for any product, whether it’s your car, your home, or even yourself. Plumbing is no different and keeping your pipes in good health is a major time saver long term.

Save Your Pipes. Save Your Wallet with Drain Cleaning

Clearing out your pipes doesn’t have to mean clearing out your cash. Across the entire Indianapolis and Indiana areas, NuFlow Indy has different options for different types of customers. It’s a small but effective incentive that can last for years.

Hydrojetting near Indianapolis, IN

One of NuFlow Indy’s most efficient forms of drain and pipe cleaning is our hydrojetting (hydro jetting) service. The use of high-pressure water to clean your drains and sewer pipes.  Hydro jetting uses the force of water pressure pushing out of a hose at speed of 4000 psi.

A high-tech nozzle allows water to displace debri within the the pipes at all angles, leaving no residue. With forceful high water pressure, it is strong enough to blast through anything in its path. Tree roots, build up, grime and blockages all get flushed down the pipes, cleaning the way for optimal high low.

Hydro-jetting is a cost effective option for cleaning your pipes. But it also saves you investment and cash in a long term sense as well. By having your sewer drains cleaned, you’re eliminating the chances of a blockage because you are cleaning the pipes of buildup, allowing both water and debris to pass through more smoothly without getting stuck. It also extends the life of the pipes. This is potentially a huge saving for you in the future.

Healthier sewer pipes help prevent corrosion and deterioration. This allows your sewer to work to their fullest potential now without cracks and leaks and it also spares you the stress of premature fixes needing to be done.

While we offer the traditional drain snaking methods as well to clean blockages and open up pipes, it’s not the best solution for a full cleaning.

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Traditional sewer line repair is equal to noise, disruption and headaches. With the advent of trenchless technology, traditional methods become outdated as there’s no more need to dig up yards, gardens or go through walls and flooring. At NuFlow Indy, we use the latest sewer repair equipment to restore failing pipes in Broad Ripple Village while saving the homeowner’s patio, garden or front yard in the process.

The Way We Repair Pipes With Trenchless Technology

Our professional technicians start the process by doing sewer camera inspections to determine the source of the problem and the best course of action after viewing the condition of your sewer system in real time. A high definition camera is attached to a flexible optic line, then sent down the pipes through a drain cleanout. The video feed is sent to a compatible monitor so we can see your sewer lines in great detail and form a 100% accurate diagnosis when we get to the ailing pipes. From here, our technicians offer the best course of action to rehabilitate your pipes to a new-like state.

The lining method is one of the most ideal as it fixes almost all kinds of sewer line issues. We make use of a felt liner coated with special epoxy resin to create a pipe within a pipe. An artificial bladder inflates the liner and makes the epoxy stick to the inner circumference of the broken pipe. After a few hours, the resin cures and it forms a newer and more durable pipe within the same structure. The pipe is completely sealed and protected against leaking, cracking, calcification and root intrusion.

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At NuFlow Indy, you can save thousands of dollars in repairs and the costs of having to put your landscape back to the way it was. Call us and we’ll restore your sewer system back to optimal condition through advanced technology.

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One of the biggest nightmares you might face as a home or business owner is flooding on your property. Clogged storm drains make this backup more likely to happen, and the nightmare can very well come true. So, if you live in Indianapolis and are worried about the state your storm drain might be in, call us at Nu Flow Indy and let our professional and skilled team have a look.

Storm drains should be inspected routinely to ensure there are no blockages or obstructions slowing down the flow of water. Aside from blockages, you also need to make sure your pipes are strong and in functional condition. Storm sewers can get choked up with mud, garbage bags, debris, and other types of particulate buildup.

It is inevitable for these drain pipes to corrode over time and when the cracks begin to form, water starts leaking into the ground. That is when the danger of flooding begins to appear.

At Nu Flow Indy, we have an experienced team of experts who can accurately inspect your sewer and assess what state your pipes are in. Through our trenchless technology, we won’t need to dig through your property to carry out inspections or repair work. Through a small access point in your sewer lines, we can create a strong coating inside your existing pipe by passing an epoxy coated lining through it. The lining will be inflated and the epoxy material will be cured in place and hardened. This new hard coating will create a pipe within your old existing pipe, sealing it from any cracks and breakages.

This procedure will ensure that your storm drain is completely safe from any damage and corrosion. The new pipe will allow the water to pass through without any obstacles or delays. Contact us now to inspect your storm drain and even if repair work is required, through the trenchless technology we offer, you won’t have to waste any extra money or time on restoration on your property once we are done fixing it!

Drains should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent clogs. For most circumstances, once a year is a good estimate of how often drains should be cleaned. However, in commercial settings, you may need to have your drains cleaned more frequently due to the increased use. If you notice a problem with your draining system, you should also call immediately to have it fixed. A clogged drain can cause slow drainage, or may even cause standing water that will not drain at all. Sewage, wastewater, and other waste materials may then back up the pipes and flood the property through any drains. This may expose the entire house or building to harmful bacteria, mold, and diseases, causing a health hazard and possible sickness.

Trying to clean drains on your own could lead to further damage to the drains. If done incorrectly or with chemical cleaners, the pipes may become damaged or cracked. In this case, the entire pipe may need to be replaced in an endeavor that would be far more costly than a simple drain cleaning. There is, however, an easy and inexpensive way to prevent your sewage system from breaking down. We do all of the hard work so you can have a stress free experience.

Annual drain cleaning ensures that your pipes are running smoothly for as long as possible. It will lengthen the life of your pipes and is also healthier since molds and other bacteria tend to grow inside pipes when they are not properly cleaned and become clogged. Having your drains cleaned regularly helps avoid expensive sewer repairs. Nu Flow Indy offers the most affordable and complete drain cleaning in the area.

Removing a partial clog is safer and much easier than having to fix a completely clogged drain. If you notice slow drainage, standing water, or bad smells throughout your business or home, call one of our professionals immediately because you may have a clogged drain that could cause serious problems if not addressed. Every time you hire us, it will be done correctly the first time around. Our trained technicians will determine what the best method is for your specific problem is and will then take care of the issue in the most efficient way possible.

Regular drain cleaning is the smart solution. Nu Flow Indy is the fastest and friendliest company around and will take care of all of your drain and sewer needs without costing you a fortune.

When you think of “drain cleaning,” what comes to mind? We’re willing to bet it’s store bought cleaners and pulling hair out of the shower drain. While you’re right to think of those things, there’s more to consider.

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