Piping systems in homes, offices, and various structures are fundamental parts of a functional society. We get to enjoy the convenience of ample water supply, with waste-water removed and sewage taken to proper treatment centers in Columbus, IN.

There comes a point when pipes get worn out due to age, or may become cracked or clogged with prolonged use. Plumbing systems that run through yards tend to be vulnerable to tree roots attempting to penetrate the pipes. Back then, similar concerns meant digging up property grounds in order to repair or replace problem areas in a costly and intrusive procedure.

Trenchless technology makes pipe repairs and replacements much simpler across Indiana. The breakthrough innovation has overcome the traditional method for more than 15 years now. It continues to be recognized by property owners across different states as the new technique proves to be the best solution to their sewer line problems.

Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

You don’t have to look hard to find many good reasons to go trenchless:

Save Time

Hours spent on trying to find the affected pipes, hauling water manually and waiting for completion for weeks on end are things of the past. There’s no digging when it comes to trenchless methods, and the job often gets done within the same day. Lawns, gardens, trees, driveways and walkways will remain undisturbed.

Save Money

Utilizing the trenchless strategy for sewer repairs is a more practical and cost-effective choice over conventional ways. Structural modification isn’t necessary with merely two small openings required to insert the micro-camera and pipes itself. Minimal digging means less labor and fewer technicians involved, along with minimal cleanup and restoration expenses.


The trenchless technique makes use of eco-friendly HDPE pipes and relatively small specialized equipment that work quite well without causing ecological damage. There’d be no reason to cut mature trees in your garden. Contractors won’t trample over your lovely homegrown plants that happen to be along your sewer line’s path. Chemicals are also not part of the trenchless repair or replacement procedure.

Safe Process

Many homeowners are unaware how digging brings out harmful toxins towards the surface, leading to pollution and health risks . The deep holes dug also pose the danger of people falling inside it. Trenchless sewer repair is the best option that works to your convenience and entire family’s utmost safety.

Benefits to Infrastructure

Pipe systems laid underneath foundation, streets, or other areas with structures built atop can be more costly to repair or replace. Reaching damaged pipes could result to potentially huge damage to homes and business properties. Trenchless technology along with the use of state-of-the-art equipment allows for a minimally invasive procedure that won’t rip through existing infrastructure.

Durable Investment

Epoxy resin and perma-liner pipe solutions make up the new pipes, unlike plastic or metal pipes used in the traditional method. The high-performance piping system is a permanent solution that will last for decades while preventing common Columbus, IN sewer issues along the way. You can also rest assured of a smooth and clean water supply from your brand new plumbing system.